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Can you name the answers to these 10 questions per animated movie?

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Name the last alphabetical dwarf 
What does the Huntsmen present to the queen that displeases her? 
Fill in the blank: 'Mirror Mirror on the wall, ______________________' 
What is the villain's proper name? 
What do the dwarves mine? 
What do the dwarves have to do before supper? 
Which dwarf refuses to cooperate? 
What puts Snow White into a deep slumber? 
In which wishing ritual does Snow White partake? 
How does Snow White awaken in the end? 
What is Pinocchio made out of? 
What are the species of Gepetto's two pets? 
What type of animal does Pinocchio turn into? 
On what island does this occur? 
Who turns Pinocchio into a real boy? 
What happens when Pinocchio lies? 
What does Jiminy tell Pinocchio to do when he is in trouble? 
Finish the lyric: 'And always let your conscience _____________' 
Where does this story take place? 
What is the name of the whale? 
What is disproportioned on Dumbo? 
What is Dumbo's mother's name? 
What type of bird helps Dumbo? 
What does dumbo get demoted to in the circus? 
What type of color and animal 'are on parade?' 
What is the name of the mouse that helps Dumbo? 
What is Dumbo's favorite food? 
Who brings the circus animals their babies? 
What is the name of the circus train? 
Finish the lyric: 'But I'd be done see'n about everything, _____________' 
What is the name of the skunk? 
What is the name of the bunny? 
What is the name of Bambi's love? 
Who is the villain in the story? 
Finish the lyric: 'Drip drip drop, _______________' 
What is Bambi's first word? 
What happens to a lot of the forest? 
Who is Bambi's dad? 
What word do the animals use to describe being in love? 
Which main character dies in the movie? 
What color is Cinderella's original gown for the ball? 
Name one stepsister 
What is the name of the evil cat? 
What is the fairy godmother's magical phrase? 
Who is turned into Cinderella's coachmen? 
Who helps Cinderella escape her locked room? 
Who finds the glass slipper? 
Who dirties the floor after Cinderella cleans it? 
What is turned into a carriage? 
What time must Cinderella be home by? 
Alice in Wonderland
What creature does Alice follow? 
What question does the caterpillar ask? 
What happens whenever Alice eats something in Wonderland? 
What story do Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum tell? 
What is the name of the lizard with the ladder? 
What holiday are the Mad Hatter and the March Hare celebrating? 
Why does the Queen of Hearts have the cards beheaded? 
What does the queen use for the croquet mallets? 
What colors is the Cheshire Cat? 
What is the name of Alice's cat? 
Peter Pan
Who's the youngest Darling child? 
What is the name of their dog? 
Who is Peter's pixie friend? 
What is the route to Neverland? 
What do the Lost Boys mistake Wendy for? 
What is the name of the Chief's daughter? 
What is Hook afraid of? 
Name Hook's sidekick 
What monument do Peter Pan and the Darling's stand on? 
Which animal is the Lost Boy Slightly dressed as? 
Lady and the Tramp
What does Lady think her owners' names are? 
What breed of dog is Jock? 
Name one villain. 
Which animal at the zoo helps free Lady of her muzzle? 
What dish do Lady and the Tramp Share? 
Finish the lyric: 'He's a tramp, ______________.' 
What color is Lady's collar? 
Why does Lady start to feel ignored? 
Who gets injured in the end? 
Name one kind of dog in the pound. 
Sleeping Beauty
Name one of the three good fairies 
What is Sleeping Beauty's real name? 
What does the green fairy struggle to make without magic? 
What does Sleeping Beauty prink her finger on? 
What does Maleficent turn into? 
Finish the lyrics: 'I know you, I walked with you _________________.' 
What did the fairies do to the people of the town when Sleeping Beauty was believed to be comatose? 
Where were Maleficent's minions wrongly looking for Sleeping Beauty? 
Who eventually finds her? 
What do the blue and pink fairies fight about? 
101 Dalmatians
What are the names of the two crooks? 
Where do Roger and Anita meet? 
What is the name of the puppy that almost dies at birth? 
What is Roger's profession? 
What is the name of the cereal jingle heard on television? 
How do the puppies disguise themselves? 
Finish the line: 'I'm hungry mother. _______________.' 
What is the name of the sheepdog? 
Why does Cruella de Vil want to puppies? 

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