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King of Phythia
Ruled by the King of Phythia
Father of the King of Phythia
Wife of the King of Phythia
Goddess of all Controversy
Where the Golden Apple came from
Thetis and Peleus child
Where Achilles was dipped
The Centaur who trained Achilles
The priest of Apollo
Whom Helen married but was slayed at the same night
Had an affair with Clytmnestra
Soothsayer had an interpretation of an unnatural event
Place of Murderous battles ; Apollo with his silver bow
First casualty of the Trojan War
Achilles' closest friend
God of War
Son of Nestor
Hector's Wife
Famous Queen of the Amazons
Duel with Achilles
Grandson of Bellerophon
Another hero/ The new Achilles
King of Mycenae
Wife of Agamemnon
King of Sparta
Messenger to the Gods
Wise ruler of Pylos
King of Ithaca
Father of the King of Ithaca
Wife of Odysseus
Son of Odysseus
Palace of Lycomedes
Proved that he was only play-acting
Priam's First born son
Priam's second born son
One of Priam's son
One of Priam's Son
One of Priam's Son
One of the Best known Daughters of Priam
One of the Best known daughters of Priam
One of the best know daughters of Priam
Gifted with the power of Divination
The slave Achilles kept for himself
Hero of Aetolia
Daughter of Bresius
Captured during a raid at the strong city of Thebis
Where the fortress of Troy stands
Mt.Ida was built for him by poseidon
Priam's wife
Ruler of Troy/ Son of Laomedon
Original name of Priam
Sister of Priam
Was followed and married Hesione
One of the children of Salamis and Hesione
One of the children of Salamis and Hesione
Poseidon's Cyclops
One of the Greeks best warriors and competed with Odysseus for Achille's armour
Agamemnon's Son
Princess of Phaecia
King of Phaecia
Queen of Phaecia
The sorcerer who turn Odysseus' men to pigs
The dangerous whirpool
The monster in the water ; its counter part is the dangerous whispool
God of the sun
Most arrogant among Penelope's suitors
God of all Gods
Wife of Zeus
Goddess of Wisdom
God of the Sea

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