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Clue4-Letter Word
☞ Name for the police; Nana's ice climbing pal ☜
Spring loaded jumping toy
90s fad involving discs and a 'slammer'
☞ Name for the police; Babe's kin ☜
Baked dishes that come in apple or key lime
Structure leading from shore to the water
A person of equal age or status
Delicious fruit or body shape
Perceive sounds
☞ Name for the police; Miami basketball team ☜
Flesh of an animal
Ditch around a castle; beware of crocodiles
Clue4-Letter Word
The majority
A rolling stone gathers no ____
Implements for wiping floors
☞ Name for the police; Fox television show ☜
Clarence Greenwood pseudonym 'Citizen ____'
2009 dolphin documentary
Where a dragon or troll dwells
To own or possess
State of confusion after a night of heavy drinking
Disturb or disconcert
Device for setting off charge of projectile
☞ Name for the Police; peach hair ☜

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Hayao Miyazaki

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December 13th II

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