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Can you name the Tool song based off these lyrics.?

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A child's rhyme stuck in my head. It said life is but a dream.
Our guilt, our blame, I've been far too sympathetic. Our blood, our fault, I've been far too sympathetic.
You won't feel what you'd like to feel. Lay back and let me show you another way.
Weeping shades of indigo, trapped without a reason.
And following our will and wind, we may just go where no one's been.
I wanna feel the change consume me. Feel the outside turning in.
Recognize this as a holy gift, and celebrate this chance to be alive and breathing.
Shine down upon the many, light our way benevolent son.
No way to recall, what it was that you had said to me, like I care at all.
Seems like I've been here before, seems so familiar, seems like I'm slipping, into a dream within a dream. It's the way you whisper.

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