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You guys are too cool!
You are a liar!!!
Beachy is dead!!
Give us a raise,loser!!
I need you to babysit Thomas.
You don't deserve this mug!!
We have soda from the 1984 Olympics!
We don't know Benson but we know Party Benson
You just destroyed my living room!
But it's my favorite movie!
You were right guys! This is really good!!
This is my child hood pal, Percy!
For TIMMY!!!!!
This car was used in a 1970s bank robbery.
We deserve more respect.
We're so cool we don't even need instruments.
How did he even find my home?!
Episode Name
And what about our lame boss, Benson?!
Why would I ever change my name to Skips?!
Uh,Skips?! It changed to Error 220.
There's only one way to do it. Eileen's way!
Episode Name
She looks pretty smokin'.

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