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To pour, squirt, brush, or spoon melted butter or cooking juices on a food to prevent it from drying out
To submerge a food completely in fat or oil and cook it
To cook vegetables in fat over very low heat
To prepare poultry or meat by cutting it into pieces, browning it lightly, stewing it, and serving it in a sauce made with its own stock
To cook over low heat, just below the boiling point
To brown meat rapidly with high temperature, either in a frying pan, over a grill, or under a broiler
To concentrate and thicken a liquid by boiling away water
To cook in water at or near the boiling point
To coat lightly with sauce
To remove the internal organs, as in a game bird
To boil or scald a food briefly to reduce cooking time
To cook by browning in fat, then simmering in a small quantity of liquid in a covered pan or pot
To cook in water very gently and slowly without boiling
To cut out the bones of meat or fish
To chop very finely
To cook in an oven in an uncovered pan
To add liquid to a pan and scrape off bits of meat or other browned matter from a cooking, and use everything in a sauce
To cut food into small cubes
To cook or brown food in a pan containing a small amount of fat

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