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Can you name the first words of these Björk songs?

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Song (Album)First WordSecond Word
Arabadrengurinn (Björk)var
Búkolla (Björk)tók
Alta Mira (Björk)sinn
Fúsi Hreindýr (Björk)above
Himnaför (Björk)mín
Óliver (Björk)Valhöll
Álfur Út Úr Hól (Björk)eftir
Bænin (Björk)litli
Gling-Gló (Gling-Gló)gló
Luktar-Gvendur (Gling-Gló)veitti
Kata Rokkar (Gling-Gló)Kata
Pabbi Minn (Gling-Gló)pabbi
Brestir og Brak (Gling-Gló)eru
Ástatröfrar (Gling-Gló)við
Bella Símamær (Gling-Gló)Bella
Litli Tónlistarmaðurinn (Gling-Gló)ertu
Það Sést Ekki Sætari Mey (Gling-Gló)lenti
Bílavísur (Gling-Gló)
Tondeleyo (Gling-Gló)suðrænum
Ég Veit Ei Hvað Skal Segja (Gling-Gló)veit
Í Dansi Með Þér (Gling-Gló)rúmbudansinn
Börnin Við Tjörnina (Gling-Gló)er
Ruby Baby (Gling-Gló)got
Can't Help Loving That Man (Gling-Gló)got
Human Behaviour (Debut)you
Crying (Debut)travel
Venus as a Boy (Debut)wicked
There's More to Life Than This (Debut)on
Like Someone in Love (Debut)I
Big Time Sensuality (Debut)can
One Day (Debut)day
Aeroplane (Debut)can
Come to Me (Debut)to
Song (Album)First WordSecond Word
Violently Happy (Debut)I
The Anchor Song (Debut)live
Play Dead (Debut)stop
Army of Me (Post)up
Hyperballad (Post)live
The Modern Things (Post)the
It's Oh So Quiet (Post)oh
Enjoy (Post)wish
You've Been Flirting Again (Post)that
Isobel (Post)a
Possibly Maybe (Post)flirt
I Miss You (Post)miss
Cover Me (Post)I
Headphones (Post)to
Hunter (Homogenic)travel
Jóga (Homogenic)these
Unravel (Homogenic)you
Bachelorette (Homogenic)a
All Neon Like (Homogenic)till
5 Years (Homogenic)think
Immature (Homogenic)could
Alarm Call (Homogenic)have
Pluto (Homogenic)me
All is Full of Love (Homogenic)be
Cvalda (Selmasongs)crash
I've Seen it All (Selmasongs)seen
Scatterheart (Selmasongs)night
In the Musicals (Selmasongs)do
107 Steps (Selmasongs)thirty-five
New World (Selmasongs)whistles
Hidden Place (Vespertine)the
Cocoon (Vespertine)would
It's Not Up to You (Vespertine)wake
Song (Album)First WordSecond Word
Undo (Vespertine)not
Pagan Poetry (Vespertine)through
Aurora (Vespertine)the
An Echo, A Stain (Vespertine)touched
Sun In My Mouth (Vespertine)will
Heirloom (Vespertine)have
Harm of Will (Vespertine)there's
Unison (Vespertine)hand
Pleasure is All Mine (Medúlla)pleasure
Show Me Forgiveness (Medúlla)me
Where is The Line? (Medúlla)is
Vökuró (Medúlla)minn
Who Is It (Carry My Joy on the Left, Carry My Pain on the Right) (Medúlla)embrace
Submarine (Medúlla)will
Desired Constellation (Medúlla)tricky
Oceania (Medúlla)breath
Sonnets/Unrealities XI (Medúlla)may
Mouth's Cradle (Medúlla)is
Triumph of a Heart (Medúlla)nerves
Gratitude (Drawing Restraint 9)thirteenth
Holographic Entrypoint (Drawing Restraint 9)ホスト
Cetacea (Drawing Restraint 9)pattern
Earth Intruders (Volta)are
Wanderlust (Volta)am
Dull Flame of Desire (Volta)love
Innocence (Volta)once
I See Who You Are (Volta)see
Vertebrae by Vertebrae (Volta)on
Pneumonia (Volta)over
Hope (Volta)my
Declare Independence (Volta)independence
My Juvenile (Volta)the

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