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Can you name the Inuyasha Characters (difficult)?

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two headed dragon demon
third incarnation of naraku; mind reading demon
kagomes brother
lecherous monk
Half Dog Demon
eighth incarnation of naraku; his heart
poison stink guy from band of seven
weakest from the band of seven
first incarnation of naraku; mirror demon
fox demon
machine guy from band of seven
burnt crispy bitter human from 50 years ago
student from present day who fancies kagome
inuyashas brother
kikyos younger sister
flea demon
centipede demon
hair demon
seventh incarnation of naraku; no face
created of the four souls (shikon jewel)
forged tetsusaiga and tenseiga
member of the wolf demon tribe
demon cat
kagomes present day friend
band of seven leader
member of the wolf demon tribe
human priestess from the present day
inuyashas fathers friend; made the passage jewel in inuyashas left eye
half demon from the demon bats
medicinal farmer and half demon
kagomes present day friend
mirokus fathers friend
leader of the wolf demon tribe
sangos brother
demon slayer
guy who fancied inuyasha from band of seven
ninth incarnation of naraku; other half of his heart
second incarnation of naraku; wind demon
the rebel out of the band of seven
human girl eaten by wolves but revived with the tenseiga
inuyashas father
kagomes cat
demon and servant to sesshomaru
kagomes present day friend
old protector of the sacred jewel
big bad who everyone is after
fifth incarnation of naraku; little fast demon, came from the fourth incarnation
dark priestess
female wolf demon
half doctor human from band of seven
fourth incarnation of naraku; fast demon kept in chains
raccoon dog demon
last incarnation of naraku

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