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The Enterprise arrives at Janus VI, where an unknown monster is destroying machinery and killing the miners, threatening the entire mining population.TDITD
Kirk loses his memory and joins the descendants of a tribe of American Indians.TPS
The Enterprise transports Elaan, Dohlman of Elas, to an arranged marriage on Troyius.EOT
Enterprise crew members are stranded on a ghost planet and terrorized by the image of a beautiful woman.TWS
An actor traveling aboard the Enterprise may be a former governor who ordered a mass-murder twenty years ago.TCOTK
The Enterprise tests a computer that, if successful, could replace Kirk as the captain.TUC
The Enterprise is captured by Trelane, the childish ruler of Gothos.TSOG
The Enterprise discovers a superweapon capable of destroying entire planets, and a commodore whose crew was killed by the machine jeapordizes the crew on a crazed mission of revengTDM
The Enterprise rescues a con man named Harry Mudd who is trafficking in mail-order brides.MW
The Enterprise crew finds happiness at a colony where alien spores provide total contentment.TSOP
The Enterprise finds a planet inhabited by aliens who were once followers of the Greek philosopher Plato.PS
The Enterprise crew take shore leave on a planet where their imaginations become reality.SL
A group of children on the Federation outpost Triacus, under the influence of an evil spirit, commandeer the Enterprise.ATCSL
An encounter at the limits of our galaxy begins to change Lieutenant Commander Gary Mitchell and threatens the future of the Enterprise and the human race itself.WNMHGB
Acting restless and irrational, Kirk inexplicably orders the Enterprise into Romulan space where the ship is captured by the enemy and Kirk is held captive aboard their flagship.TEI
Aliens hijack the Enterprise and turn the crew into inert solids, leaving the four senior officers on their own to exploit their captors' weaknesses.BAON
The Enterprise crew discovers an Eden-like paradise controlled by a machine that is revered by the local humanoid primitives as a god.TA
The Enterprise picks up a group of renegades who have rejected modern technological life to search for the mythical planet Eden.TWTE
The Enterprise is hijacked by hyper accelerated, sterile aliens who want the crew for breeding stock.WOAE
A transporter malfunction splits Captain Kirk into two people-one good and one evil, and neither capable of functioning well separately.TEW
The Enterprise discovers the starship Exeter drifting in space, its entire crew killed by an unknown plague and her captain missing.TOG
The Enterprise crew is intoxicated by an inhibition-stripping contagion which causes mayhem throughout the ship.TNT
The crew of the Enterprise finds themselves caught in the middle of an intractable conflict with a bizarre fugitive alien and his equally belligerent pursuer.LTBYLB
The Enterprise is hurled back in time to 1969 where the US air force sights it as a UFO.TIY
The Enterprise finds a probe from Earth which has somehow mutated into a powerful machine bent on sterilizing entire populations that do not meet its standards of perfection.TC
Kirk and Spock are forced to fight alongside Abraham Lincoln and Surak of Vulcan by rock-like aliens that want to understand 'good' and 'evil'.TSC
Kirk is accused of criminal negligence causing the death of one of his subordinates, and is put on trial for his murder.CM
When trying to rescue a Starfleet ship, Kirk disappears when the dead ship is pulled into interspace. The Enterprise is then attacked by a mysterious local race, the Tholians.TTW
An extremely powerful non-corporal being brings the Enterprise and a Klingon ship in direct conflict with one another.DOTD
Three survivors from a race that died half a million years ago 'borrow' the bodies of the Enterprise crew members so they can build android bodies for themselves.RTT
Spock fakes a message from the Enterprise's former commander, Christopher Pike, and steals the vessel. He explains his actions with footage about Pike's captivity by the Talosians.TM
Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, and Chekov are forced to re-enact the gunfight at the OK corral in Tombstone as the team that lost the gunfight.SOTG
A mysterious creature stalks the Enterprise murdering crew members.TMT
When the Enterprise searches for the rare cure to a deadly disease, the landing party is confronted by a reclusive man who is willing to kill to preserve his privacy.RFM
A dispute over control of a planet brings the Enterprise to a space station where they must deal with Klingons and rapidly-multiplying furry creatures.TTWT
The Enterprise discovers a planet where the population act like zombies and obey the will of their unseen ruler, LandruTROTA
The Enterprise battles a Romulan ship suspected of destroying outposts near the neutral zone.BOT
The Enterprise encounters an enormous single-celled organism that feeds on energy which threatens the galaxy as it prepares to reproduce.TIS
The crew visits a planet that is waging a destructive war fought solely by computer simulation, but the casualties are supposed to be real.ATOA
On a doomed planet Kirk, Spock, and McCoy become subjects of an alien experiment whose mysterious intention involves an empathic woman.TE
The Enterprise travels back in time to 1968 where the crew encounters the mysterious Gary Seven who claims to be sent by advanced beings trying to help Earth.AE
The Deneva colony is attacked by neural parasites that cause mass insanity while the crew of the Enterprise search for a way to stop them.OA
On an isolated asteroid, Kirk finds the inventor of the warp drive who has been missing for 150 years.M
A survey of Argus X brings the Enterprise crew in confrontation with a cloud that killed a crew Kirk was on years ago.O
The Enterprise, searching for a missing historian, discovers he has contaminated the cultural development of the planet he was assigned, to have it follow the path of Nazi Germany.POF
The Enterprise is captured by an alien claiming to be Apollo, the Greek god of the sun.WMFA
Spock faces difficult command decisions when his shuttle crashes on a hostile world populated by barbarous giants.TGS
The Enterprise discovers a colony full of rapidly-aging scientists. Whatever caused the rapid aging afflicts the ship's landing party as well.TDY
Harry Mudd, now ruler of a planet of androids, captures the Enterprise and attempts to imprison Kirk for revenge.IM
A transporter malfunction sends Kirk, McCoy, Scotty, and Uhura into a parallel universe where the Federation is replaced by an evil empire.MM
The Enterprise becomes involved in a local power struggle on a planet where the Klingons want mining rights.FC
A beautiful woman escorts an alien ambassador so hideously ugly that the sight of him can drive a human mad.ITITNB
The Enterprise finds an asteroid that contains a generational ship on a collision course with an inhabited planet.FTWIHAIHTTS
The Enterprise takes seventeen-year-old Charlie Evans aboard after he spent fourteen years alone on a deserted planet, but he's unable to reintegrate with his fellow humans.CX
As the Enterprise comes under attack on the way to a conference in Babel, one of the alien dignitaries is murdered, and Spock's father is the prime suspect.JTB
Kirk battles an alien captain who destroyed a Federation outpost.A
The Enterprise discovers an ancient spaceship carrying Augments from 1996 Earth, including their leader, Khan Noonien Singh.SS
Scotty is suspected of killing several women, however a more sinister force may provide the connection between this murder and many previous around the galaxy.WITF
The Enterprise finds an archaeologist who has been missing for five years, living underground on a deserted planet with a group of sophisticated androids.WALGMO
Kirk and Spock are held captive in an insane asylum by a former Starfleet hero.WGD
On a planet with a primitive civilization, the Enterprise discovers that the Klingons are providing a Stone Age society with increasingly-advanced weaponry.APLW
Investigating the cause of a massive, galaxy-wide disruption in space, the Enterprise finds a mad scientist who claims he is being pursued by a hideous being.TAF
Kirk's efforts to obtain a vital mineral are complicated by terrorists striking at the beautiful cloud city Stratos and its virulent apartheid policies.TCM
At planetoid Memory Alpha, an Enterprise crew member's body is taken over by mysterious energy lifeforms.TLOZ
Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are trapped in a planet's distant pasts, where Spock finds love with an exiled woman.AOY
Exploring a distant region of space, the Enterprise is threatened by Balok, commander of a starship from the First Federation.TCM
The Enterprise crew finds witches, black cats, and haunted castles on a distant planet.C
Kirk is held captive on an empty duplicate of the U.S.S. Enterprise.TMOG
Returning to a planet last visited by an Earth ship 100 years ago, the Enterprise finds a planet that has based its culture on the gangsters of the Earth's '20s.APOTA
After taking an accidental overdose of cordrazine, Doctor McCoy goes back in time and changes history.TCOTEOF
The Enterprise discovers a planet that was devastated by a disease and is now populated only by children.M
Kirk, Uhura, and Chekov are kidnapped by aliens and forced to fight other aliens so that a mentally superior race can gamble on the winner.TGOT
Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are captured on a planet that resembles a Roman empire and are set to die at the hands of gladiators for the sake of public spectacle.BAC
A mad scientist tries to take control of the Enterprise by switching bodies with Captain Kirk.TI
Suffering through his first infliction of pon farr, Spock must return to Vulcan to marry his betrothed or he will die.AT
A routine visit to the Tantalus Penal Colony proves dangerous for Kirk and an Enterprise psychiatrist.DOTM
Kirk and Spock try to protect the planet Organia from the Klingons, but the natives don't want the Federation's help.EOM
The Enterprise is raided by an alien force that steals Spock's brain, leading Kirk and McCoy in a desperate race to retrieve it.SB

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