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Can you name the season in which each Game of Thrones character had the most lines?

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CharacterSeason (1-7)# of Lines (Rank)
Ygritte71 (16th)
Sandor Clegane120 (8th)
Pypar23 (47th)
Tormund Giantsbane67 (12th)
Tommen Baratheon52 (20th)
Shireen Baratheon56 (21st)
Stannis Baratheon122 (5th)
Jaime Lannister172 (2nd)
Yara Greyjoy67 (11th)
Robb Stark123 (6th)
Catelyn Stark159 (3rd)
Mace Tyrell29 (39th)
Grey Worm38 (28th)
Grenn49 (21st)
Margaery Tyrell72 (12th)
Meera Reed42 (24th)
Sansa Stark183 (3rd)
Loras Tyrell31 (33rd)
Jaqen H'ghar50 (23rd)
Daenerys Targaryen178 (4th)
Maester Aemon18 (49th, 56th)
Rast19 (54th)
CharacterSeason (1-7)# of Lines (Rank)
Joffrey Baratheon81 (12th)
Jeor Mormont37 (34th)
Arya Stark142 (7th)
Theon Greyjoy171 (2nd)
Hot Pie26 (43rd)
Janos Slynt31 (39th)
Gilly57 (19th)
Olenna Tyrell71 (16th)
Eddison Tollett34 (32nd)
Salladhor Saan15 (63rd)
Bran Stark84 (11th)
Jorah Mormont104 (9th)
Missandei60 (21st)
Cersei Lannister208 (3rd)
Hodor34 (29th)
Ramsay Snow79 (9th)
Roose Bolton40 (30th)
Osha52 (28th)
Qyburn27 (39th)
Petyr Baelish115 (7th)
Brienne Tarth99 (12th)
Selyse Baratheon27 (40th)
CharacterSeason (1-7)# of Lines (Rank)
Jon Snow253 (1st)
Davos Seaworth106 (6th)
Melisandre59 (23rd)
Samwell Tarly118 (6th)
Ros38 (24th)
Bronn102 (9th)
Kevan Lannister12 (60th)
Mance Rayder25 (49th)
Meryn Trant22 (45th)
Podrick Payne64 (14th)
Alliser Thorne62 (15th)
Daario Naharis75 (15th)
Lancel Lannister43 (27th)
Barristan Selmy35 (41st)
Tyrion Lannister330 (1st)
Myranda30 (36th)
Shae75 (14th)
Varys81 (14th)
Tywin Lannister151 (5th)
Grand Maester Pycelle42 (22nd)
Gendry72 (12th)

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