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Can you name the Game of Thrones characters who spoke the highest number of lines in a season?

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Season (Rank)NameScore
S1 (1st)341
S2 (1st)330
S7 (1st)253
S4 (1st)225
S3 (1st)224
S1 (2nd)222
S5 (1st)217
S5 (2nd)212
S5 (3rd)208
S7 (2nd)201
S6 (1st)186
S7 (3rd)183
S7 (4th)178
S4 (2nd)172
S2 (2nd)171
S4 (3rd)161
S7 (5th)161
S1 (3rd)159
S2 (3rd)159
S4 (4th)159
S7 (6th)157
S1 (4th)151
S4 (5th)151
Season (Rank)NameScore
S1 (5th)149
S6 (2nd)146
S5 (4th)144
S7 (7th)142
S6 (3rd)135
S2 (4th)129
S4 (6th)129
S6 (4th)129
S6 (5th)128
S2 (5th)125
S4 (7th)125
S2 (6th)123
S5 (5th)122
S3 (2nd)120
S4 (8th)120
S5 (6th)118
S1 (6th)117
S5 (7th)117
S1 (7th)115
S1 (7th)115
S4 (9th)115
S5 (8th)112
S3 (3rd)106
Season (Rank)NameScore
S6 (6th)106
S4 (10th)105
S3 (4th)105
S1 (9th)104
S4 (11th)104
S1 (10th)102
S1 (10th)102
S5 (9th)102
S1 (12th)101
S5 (10th)100
S3 (5th)99
S5 (11th)99
S4 (12th)99
S5 (11th)99
S3 (6th)97
S3 (6th)97
S6 (7th)96
S3 (8th)96
S2 (7th)93
S3 (9th)92
S2 (8th)90
S6 (8th)90

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