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Who knocked four times?
What did the Killitanes have the last time the Doctor saw them?
What is Midnight's waterfall made of?
Which floor on Satellite 5 was Medical Nonemergency?
How old was Liz 10
How many life forms were 'saved' by CAL?
What Jersey number did the Doctor have when playing soccer in The Lodger?
What were the very first words written in history?
What was the name of the crashed ship with the Weeping Angel on board?
What type of alien was piloting Starship U.K.?
What 'mood' (or DRUG) set off the virus in New Earth?
What insrument did the Doctor use to defeat Lazarus?
When shown the 'video' Liz 10 had the choice to either Forget or...?
The Sycorax had control of people with which blood type?
What year did the show first air?
What was the name of the spaceship the Doctor landed on in 'The Girl in the Fireplace'?
What was the name of Shakespeare's lost play?
What drink did the Doctor order in 'The Unicorn and the Wasp'?
QuestionAnswerExtra Stuffz
What was the password to hack into the navy's missiles?
Besides London, name one city that a 'time lord killing' chemical was hidden in.
To whom does the Doctor 'point at laugh' at?
Where is 'sister-of-mine'?
What was the title of Agatha's book that was written about the Vespiform?
What did ATMOS stand for?
What is the name of the Impossible Planet
What was the powerful beast that was trapped in the Pandorica?
What two colors are 11's bowties
What was the name of Cassandras minion?
When the Doctor first met Amy where did he say the swimming pool was?
How many bullets did Captain Zachary Cross Flane have in his bolt gun?
What fruit does the Doctor despise?
How many people have to be online in order for the Osterhagen key to be allowed to be used?
What organization does Queen Victoria found?
Rule of thumb: When encountered with a weeping angel, Don't Blink, but also, don't look at their ...?
What does Jackie name the baby?

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