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Forced Order
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Question/StatementDoctor's ResponseEpisode
State your name rank and intention.The Waters of Mars
What? You want a Harvey Wallbanger?The Unicorn and the Wasp
Your not keeping the horse!The Girl in the Fireplace
Sonic it! Use the thingy!Silence in the Library
Latest firing stock. What do you think Doctor?Poison Sky
You just want TO mate?!Partners in Crime
But you have no weapons, no defenses, no plans!Parting of the Ways
If you are an alien how come you sound like you're from the North? Rose
Has anyone ever told you that you're a bit weird? The Lodger
Oh, and you're so special?Midnight
What do you say I use this perception filter to sneak up behind him and just break his neck?The Sound of Drums
You. Are. Bonkers!Journey's End
Is that a technical term: jiggary pokery?End of the World
Question/StatementDoctor's ResponseEpisode
Doctor, this once - just this one time, please, you have to run! The Pandorica Opens
Promise me one thing though, Doctor: that you'll find somebody.The Runaway Bride
I demand to know who you are! Christmas Invasion
John Smith wouldn't want them to fight, never mind the Doctor. The John Smith I was getting to know... he knows it's wrong, doesn't he?The Family of Blood
Do you think it'll open?The Impossible Planet
I... I love you.Doomsday
We have no need of comfy chairs.Flesh and Stone
This Martha, she must mean a lot to you.Gridlock
This prattling voice will cease, forever!The Fires of Pompeii
Please desist from striking me. I am your soldier. Victory of the Daleks
Doctor, I think if there was any sort of conspiracy, Satellite Five would have seen it. We see everything.The Long Game
Doctor? You look more like a navvy.The Unquiet Dead

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