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Can you name the Doctor Who episodes (2005-present) based on the haiku?

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HaikuEpisodeWords in answer ( / = 2 or 3 parts)
10 has been awesome/But it's time for 11/'I don't want to go'6
37 years/Wait and watch and wait some more/'Til her brain's ready5
Agatha Christie/And the case of the huge wasp/That's from outer space5
A parallel world/But it's filled with Cybermen/Oh, and Pete's here too4/4
Don't blink, Sally S./Or else you'll end up in some/random place in time1
'Hi, I'm the Doctor.'/'Oh, hello. I'm the TARDIS.'/Plus, an Ood! Hooray!3
Mighty Jagrafess/of Holy Hadrojassic/Maxarodenfoe3
HaikuEpisodeWords in answer ( / = 2 or 3 parts)
Nanogenes from space/Make a really big mistake/In '40s London3/3
Prisoner Zero/Has escaped! But first, a snack./Fish sticks and custard3
River Song reveals/Her identity at last/(I so guessed it!)6/3
Vote Saxon today/And be proud you played a part/In the Earth's downfall1/4/5
Welcome back, Doctor!/You've been gone since '96/Now go kill Autons!1
Where's the hospital?/Oh wait, it's up on the moon/Bo sko fo dro zo!3

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