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Jeffrey Yishai is a footballer from which country?
What is the second track on Bing Crosby's 'The Voice of Christmas' album?
Andy Pycroft was a cricket player from which African nation?
Hrothgar was a legendary Danish King from which century?
Which Estonian-born Finnish mixed martial artist was born on 1st May 1984?
Which was the 62nd season in Liverpool FC's existence?
Which Labour Mayor of Oxford died in 1990?
André Pean won what medal in the C-2 event at the 1951 ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships?
The Kangnam Mountains are in which country?
Who won the 1935 Nobel Peace Prize?
Kleptomania is an inability to refrain from what?
What is the population (to the nearest hundred) of Stari Slankamen, a Serbian village?
US ship LSD-47 was the USS what?
What is binary for 95?
John Franks Williams had what creative job?
Which German footballer was born on 9th Februrary 1991?
Oleh Olehovych Blokhin was famous for what sport?
Mount Olivet Cumberland Presbyterian Church is in which US state?
SBS World News is a news service in which Commonwealth Country?
World War I flying ace, Frank Billinge had what nickname?
Taylor Matheny was born in which month?
Radio Rations is a comedy album by whom?
Eišiškės is a city in the southeast of which European nation?
Who was King of Rwanda from 1830 to 1853?
Prince sung about 'Dinner with...' whom?
Yanagihara Station is located in what country?
Timber Lake is a city in which US state?
What is the name of the leading wireless internet service provider in Baghdad?
Seven Bridges in Reading is now known as what?
What was the name of Steve Hackett's first studio album?

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