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Can you name songs from various Doctor Who soundtracks? (2005-13)

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HintSong TitleSoundtrack
'His name is Susan, and he'd like you to respect his life choices'7
An old enemy reintroduces himself onboard the Crucible4
Apparently, sheep sing to the Doctor and Clara, who ride a motorbike7
Craig Owens investigates the department store6
Craig finally let's Sophie know how he feels5
The Doctor arrives in a snowy, victorian townSpecials
Brian shouldn't have called it that7
The Doctor is sung to his sleepSpecials
'Your friend or your lover? Your choice!'3
The 200 Bus returns home to LondonSpecials
Amy recalls an uninvited wedding guest5
Trailer Music3
'Run you clever boy, and...'7
Lady Christina breaks into a museumSpecials
The Eleventh Doctor's triumphant theme5
Donna inhabits a world with Dr Moon and Lee McAvoy4
'Well, this is new'7
The Doctor discovers another living Time Lord3
The Doctor makes an unorthadox meal5
River reveals her identity to her parents6
HintSong TitleSoundtrack
Strax makes a new navigator friend7
Alfie Owens' preferred title6
Two lovers stand against a wall, in separate Universes1&2
Clara was born...7
The last human is on deck1&2
The year of the moon landing6
The Bad Wolf divides the atoms of the Daleks1&2
The Doctor leaves a message for the Ponds on their honeymoonA Christmas Carol
Metal men invade Jackie's party1&2
The Doctor remembers his home planet3
Donna's wedding reception is in full swing1&2
The Doctor tells the Pandorica Alliance to do the smart thing5
'Don't turn your back, don't look away, and don't...'3
An old friend of the Doctor's has passed away6
A spoonhead rides an antigrav motorbike7
Mels gets in trouble with the headteacher6
The TARDIS crashes through London5
Brian Williams uses his balls to his advantage7
Wilfred Mott meets up with the Silver CloakSpecials
The Doctor takes a bus full of strangers across a diamond planet4

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