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Forced Order
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Who entered the TARDIS on Wimbledon Common, believing it to be a real police box?
Which doctor looked after the Doctor following his third regeneration?
Name a companion who attended the Doctor's fake funeral under Snowdon in 2010.
Which companions encountered the Yeti with the second Doctor?
Who was a science teacher?
Who joined the TARDIS team shortly after Susan left the Doctor?
Who was an American botany student?
Who saved the Doctor from the Great Intelligence on Trenzalore?
Which 'gobby Australian' did the Doctor once spend ages trying to get to Heathrow Airport?
Who went on to get a Xylok super-computer in her attic?
Which companions were with the Doctor when he underwent his first regeneration?
Which UNIT member once allowed the Doctor to knock him out?
Who joined the TARDIS team in Utah, 2012?
Who was an android discovered by the Master?
Who has gone through four different 'regenerations' or models?
Whose parallel self was called Ricky?
Alistair was the first name of which associate of the Doctor?
Name any of the Doctor's companions who met both Autons and Silurians.
Who met the Doctor while wearing a wedding dress?
Who originally believed the Doctor to be evil, due to Xoanon?
Who died and became a Roman?
Who once beat up a Dalek with a baseball bat?
Name a companion who got a spin-off series.
Who shared a name with an extinct bird?
Which UNIT member met the Doctor on the most occasions?
Who was the first companion to meet multiple Doctors at the same time?
Which UNIT Captain once betrayed the Doctor?
Name any companion that the Doctor took to Akhaten.
Who worked at the Royal Hope Hospital?
Who travelled with the third and fourth Doctors?
Whose catchphrase was 'Affirmative master'?
Who came from E-Space?
Who came across a doppleganger of herself in 1920s England?
Who died wanting to know if he was right?
Name a companion who shared her name with a contemporary Queen of England?
Who once said that the Doctor was almost as clever as her?
Who accidentally killed the Doctor, not realising that he had two hearts?
Who was the Doctor's first assistant while working at UNIT?
Who was with the Doctor when he met his 'daughter' Jenny?
Who died in New New York following his final words: 'You are not alone'?
Whose name did the Doctor use as an allias when in nineteenth century Scotland?
Who met the Doctor when she was seven years old?
Who was a history teacher?
Who appeared in only one story in the 1960s?
Whose middle name was Marion?
Who was the Bad Wolf?
Which able seaman helped the Doctor to defeat WOTAN?
Name any companion that the Doctor took to Peladon.
Whose catchphrase was 'spoilers'?
Who was identical to Morton Dill?
Whose Dad's body was stolen by the Master?
Who was purportedly an imbecile?
To whom did the Doctor suggest meeting Agatha Christie?
Name any pair of companions who are often associated with each other.
Who was mistaken for an Aztec goddess?
Name a ginger companion of the Doctor.
Whose cleavage arguably overshadowed the fifth Doctor's regeneration?
Name a Time Lord companion.
Who married the eleventh Doctor's first companion?
Who became an english teacher?
What was the name of the Doctor's granddaughter?
Who was impersonated by the Rani?
Who helped the Doctor to find the Key to Time?
Who was the only companion to break through the Time Lock and enter the Time War?
Who came from the Highlands of Scotland?
Who was the first black companion?
Who left the Doctor because it had stopped being fun?
Who met the Doctor in Troy?
Name a companion whose surname was Wright.
Whose catchphrase was 'Ace'?

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