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An abbreviation for advertisementTo find the sum of
A customary food intakeA flat piece of metal, often a disk issued to commemorate a person, action, or event
Any of the plantigrade, carnivorous or omnivorous mammals of the family Ursidae, having massive bodies, coarse heavy fur, relatively short limbs, and almost rudimentary tails.The growth of hair on the face of an adult man, often including a mustache.
To feel sorrow over; repent ofDiscourteous or impolite
Male swineA flat slab of wood or other material for some specific purpose
To tear or rend apartTo cause and guide the movement of
An opening made by splitting, cleaving, etc.To wander aimlessly
Informal word for fatherA cushionlike mass of soft material used for comfort, protection, or stuffing
An alcoholic liquor or spirit distilled from molasses or some other fermented sugar-cane productA musical percussion instrument consisting of a hollow, usually cylindrical, body
Superiority, mastery, or victoryExcessive or rapacious desire for wealth or possessions

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