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How many theaters are in the Carousel of Progress?
What is the fastest ride in Walt Disney World?
What is the height of Tower of Terror?
What was the first rollercoaster in Walt Disney World?
What waterpark closed in 2001?
What is the name of the statue of Roy O. Disney and Minnie Mouse?
Who is the famous sculptor who designed this statue and the Partner's Statue?
At what resort is Simba's Playhouse daycare located?
At what resort is Lilo's Playhouse daycare located?
At what resort is Sandcastle Club daycare located?
At what resort is Camp Dolphin daycare located?
Name a country that can be found in World Showcase.
What does the TTC stand for?
What are the vehicles you ride in the Haunted Mansion called?
Who is the artist responsible for the mural in the Grand Canyon Concourse in the Contemporary resort?
How many paintings are there in the stretching room in the Haunted Mansion?
Name one of the monorail colors.
What is one of the two monorail colors were retired due to an accident?
What color monorail was made using parts of the retired monorails?
What real town was the inspiration for Main Street U.S.A?

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