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Can you name all the characters listed in the appendix of 'A Game of Thrones'?

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House Baratheon
The First of His Name 
His wife, of House Lannister 
Heir to the Iron Throne, twelve 
Their daughter, a girl of eight 
Their son, a boy of seven 
Lord of Dragonstone 
His wife, of House Florent 
Their daughter, a girl of nine 
Lord of Storm's End 
Small Council: Grand Maester 
Small Council: Master of Coin 
Small Council: Master of Ships 
Small Council: Master of Laws 
Small Council: Lord Commander of the Kingsguard 
Small Council: Master of Whispers 
The King's Justice, a headsman 
Called the Hound, sworn shield to the Prince 
A commoner, commander of the City Watch of King's Landing 
An exile prince from the Summer Isles 
A jester and fool 
Squire to the king, the Queen's cousin 
Squire to the king, the Queen's cousin 
Kingsguard: Lord Commander 
House Stark
Lord of Winterfell, Warden of the North 
His wife, of House Tully 
The heir to Winterfell, fourteen years of age 
The eldest daughter, eleven 
The younger daughter, a girl of nine 
Their son, a boy of seven 
Their son, a boy of three 
His bastard son, a boy of fourteen 
His ward, heir to the Iron Islands 
His elder brother, murdered by the command of Aerys II Targaryen 
His younger sister, died in the mountains of Dorne 
His younger brother, a man of the Night's Watch 
Counselor, healer, and tutor 
Steward of Winterfell 
His daughter, Sansa's closest friend 
Captain of the Guard 
Master-at-arms, Jory's uncle 
His young daughter 
Tutor to Lord Eddard's daughters 
Keeper of the castle sept and library 
Master of horse 
His son, a guardsman 
A stableman and horse trainer 
Storyteller, once a wet nurse 
Her great-grandson, a simpleminded stableboy 
The cook 
Smith and armorer 
Bannerman, Lord of Karhold 
Bannerman, Lord of the Dreadfort 
Bannerman, Lord of White Harbor 
Bannerman, Lady of Bear Island 
House Lannister
Lord of Casterly Rock, Warden of the West, Shield of Lannisport 
His wife, a cousin, died in childbed 
Their son, heir to Casterly Rock, a twin 
Their daughter, wife of the King, a twin 
Their son, a dwarf 
His eldest brother 
His wife, of House Swyft 
Their eldest son, squire to the king 
Their twin son 
Their twin son 
Their infant daughter 
His sister, wed to Ser Emmon Frey 
Their son 
Their son, a squire 
His second brother, died of a pox 
His widow, of House Marbrand  
Their son, squire to the king 
His youngest brother, lost at sea 
His bastard daughter, a girl of ten 
Their cousin 
His daughter 
His daughter 
His son 
His counselor 
Bannerman, called the Mountain that Rides 
Bannerman, father by marriage to his brother 
Of the Free City of Qohor, a Sellsword 
House Arryn
Lord of the Eyrie, Defender of the Vale, Warden of the East, Hand of the King, recently deceased 
His first wife, of House Royce, died in childbed, her daughter stillborn 
His second wife, his cousin, died of a winter chill, childless 
His third wife and widow, of House Tully 
Their son, a sickly boy of six years, now Lord of the Eyrie and Defender of the Vale 
Counselor, healer, and tutor 
Captain of the guard 
Called the Blackfish, Knight of the Gate and uncle to the Lady 
High Steward of the Vale 
His son 
A bastard girl in his service 
Suitor to the Lady 
Suitor to the Lady 
His squire 
A widow 
Her son, suitor to the Lady 
Her son 
A brutal gaoler 
House Tully
Lord of Riverrun 
His wife, of House Whent, died in childbed 
The eldest daughter, wed to Lord Stark 
The younger daughter, wed to Lord Arryn 
Heir to Riverrun 
His brother, called the Blackfish 
Counselor, healer, and tutor 
Captain of the guard 
Steward of Riverrun 
Bannerman, Lord of Seagard 
His son and heir 
Bannerman, Lord of the Crossing 
Bannerman, Lord of the Stone Hedge 
Bannerman, Lord of Raventree 
Bannerman, Lady of Harrenhal 
A knight in her service 
House Tyrell
Lord of Highgarden, Warden of the South, Defender of the Marches, High Marshal of the Reach 
His wife, of House Hightower of Oldtown 
Their eldest son, heir to Highgarden 
Called the Gallant, their second son 
Called the Knight of Flowers, their youngest son 
Their daughter, a maid of fourteen years 
His widowed mother, of House Redwyne, called the Queen of Thorns 
His sister, wed to Lord Redwyne 
His sister, wed to Ser Fossoway 
His uncle, called the Gross, Lord Seneschal of Highgarden 
His bastard son 
His bastard son 
Lord Commander of the City Watch of Oldtown 
A scholar of the Citadel 
Counselor, healer, and tutor 
Captain of the guard 
Bannerman, Lord of the Arbor 
His wife, of House Tyrell 
Their son, mocked as Horror, a twin 
Their son, mocked as Slobber, a twin 
Their daughter, a maid of fifteen 
Bannerman, Lord of Horn Hill 
His elder son, of the Night's Watch 
His younger son, heir to Horn Hill 
Bannerman, Lady of Old Oak 
Bannerman, Lord of Goldengrove 
Bannerman, Voice of Oldtown, Lord of the Port 
House Greyjoy
Lord of the Iron Islands, King of Salt and Rock, Son of the Sea Wind, Lord Reaper of Pyke 
His wife, of House Harlaw 
Their eldest son, slain at Seagard during Greyjoy's Rebellion 
Their second son, slain on the walls of Pyke during Greyjoy's Rebellion 
Their daughter, captain of the Black Wind 
Their sole surviving son, heir to Pyke, a ward of Lord Stark 
His brother, called Crow's Eye, captain of the Silence, an outlaw, pirate, and raider 
His brother, Lord Captain of the Iron Fleet 
His brother, called Damphair, a priest of the Drowned God 
House Martell
Lord of Sunspear, Prince of Dorne 
His wife, of the Free City of Norvos 
Their eldest daughter, heir to Sunspear 
Their elder son 
Their younger son 
His sister, wed to Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, slain during the Sack of King's Landing 
Her daughter, a young girl, slain during the Sack of King's Landing 
His son, a babe, slain during the Sack of King's Landing 
His brother, the Red Viper 
A Norvoshi sellsword, captain of guards 
Counselor, healer, and tutor 
Bannerman, Lord of Starfall 
House Targaryen
The Second of His Name, slain during the Sack of King's Landing 
His sister and wife, of House Targaryen, died in childbed on Dragonstone 
Heir to the Iron Throne, slain on the Trident 
His wife, of House Martell, slain during the Sack of King's Landing 
Their daughter, a young girl, slain during the Sack of King's Landing 
Their son, a babe, slain during the Sack of King's Landing 
Styling himself the Third of His Name, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, called the Beggar King 
Called Stormborn, a maid of thirteen years 

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