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Abdominopelvic Dir. Diagn. Sympto. What?

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pertaining to the sole of the foot
turning inward or inside out
toward the surface of the body (external)
pertaining to disease of unknown origin
vertical field passing through the body from side to side, dividing the body into anterior and posterior portions
bursting open of a wound, especially a surgical abdominal wound
producing or associated with generation of pus
lying horizontally on the back, face up
Lower lateral regions (L/R)
movement away from the midsaggital (median) plane of the body or one of its parts
turning outward
body defense against injury, infection, or allergy that is marked by redness, swelling, heat, pain, and sometimes, loss of function
front of the body
Region of the navel
destroy tissue by electricity, freezing, heat, or corrosive chemicals
away from the head, or toward the tail/lower portion of a structure
Region above the stomach
back of the body
nearer to the center/trunk or to the point of attachment to the body
vertical field passing through the body from side to side, dividing the body into anterior and posterior portions
movement toward the midsaggital (plane) of the body
vertical field running through the body from front to back, dividing the body into R/L sides
away from the surface of the body (internal)
abnormal fibrous band that holds or binds together tissues that are normally separated
produced by a physician (unexpected results from a prescribed treatment)
lying on the abdomen, face down
increase in the severity of a disease or its symptoms
pathological state, usually febrile, resulting from the presence of microorganisms or their products in the bloodstream
scraping of a body cavity with a spoon-shaped instrument called a curette
feverish, pertaining to a fever
Middle lateral regions (Right/Left)
pertaining to the viscera or internal organs, particularly the abdominal organs
toward the head or upper portion of a structure
Lower middle region beneath the navel
pertaining to the palm of the hand
further from the center/trunk or from the point of attachment to the body
Regions beneath the ribs on each side (Right/Left)
horizontal field dividing the body into upper and lower portions
diseased, pertaining to disease
pertaining to the outer wall of the body or cavity
pertaining to or occurring in the night
pertaining to the side of the body/structure
surgical joining of two ducts, vessels, or bowel segments
removal of a part, pathway, or f(x) by surgery, chemical destruction, electrocautery, freezing, or radio frequency
pertaining to the midline of the body/structure

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