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an amendment in 1846 which was proposed by a Pennsylvania Democrat to add to the Mexican War bill
the way in which territorial residents would decide slavery's fate
the four step compromise that admitted CA as a free state, called for popular sovereignty, ended slave trade in DC, and passed fugitive slave law
law that required the authorities in the north to assist southern slave catchers and return runaway slaves to their owners
the author who wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin that sold over 3 million copies in the US
document that claimed that Cuba belonged to the US
law passed in 1854 that created the Kansas and Nebraska Territories
violence between pro and antislavery forces in the Kansas Territory after the act passed in 1854
vandalism and arson in the capital of the Kansas Territory commited by group of proslavery men
party that supported reform and opposed slavery
anti-immigrant party formed from the wreckage of the Whig party
Supreme court ruling in a lawsuit that made it so that slaves could not be US citizens and that Congress had no jurisdiction over slavery in states
proslavery draft written in 1857 that was defeated by Congress
banking crisis that caused credit in the North and was less severe in the South where high cotton prices spurred a quick recovery
series of debates in the 1858 Illinois senatorial campaign when Lincoln and Douglas opinionated over slavery
New England abolitionist's failed attempt to free Virginia's slaves
national party formed in 1860 mainly by former Whigs, that emphasized allegiance to the Union
nation's 16th president who won election of 1860
nation proclaimed in Montgomery in February 1861
A Fort located in Charleston, SC, where Lincoln attempted to provision federal troops in 1861 which opened the Civil War

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