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QUIZ: Can you name the random things about the CS team?

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Our YTD service level (whole number, no rounding)
Name of town where Darla lives
Her maiden name is also a common condiment
Has a captain's twin bed for sale
Has worked here the 4th longest
The date of the retreat
Related to Amy Odenwalder
Is going on a cruise in about 2 weeks
Name of screen Mike Wazowski helps us remember
Kayson's dad
Who is most excited about an Anime convention in October
Jazz defeated this team in the first round of the 2010 NBA playoffs
Famous Austin Collie quote that is featured at Scott's desk
Is the youngest person on the CS team
Name of the Ramjoue sibling that does not work at DMBA
Color of Darla's daughter's prom dress
Is a big fan of the band 'Rush'
Sign that hangs inexplicably over Darla's desk
Served mission in Phillippines
Scott's wife's name
Was born in May
Served mission in Dominican Republic
Has a brother who works here too
Is currently expecting 1st child (well, his wife is)
Served mission in Finland
Served mission in Latvia
Cell phone has Idaho area code
Maiden name= Sorensen (I might have spelled that wrong... sorry if I did)
Proficient 80's trivial pursuit player... and just generally a smart dude!
Number of people on team with a 4-letter surname
Kind of car driven by Natalie
Has worked here the longest
The Easter Bunny and Christopher Columbus present the _____________________...
True or False? Scott... true blue BYU Cougar!
Our new CEO
Retired from our team last August
Which is closer to DMBA? Darla's house... or Djibouti, Africa
His middle name is Ryan
Our next paid holiday
A main reason to shut the blinds

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