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Can you name the song from these events that may have inspried them?

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Inspirational EventSongArtist
While watching his favorite music videos, Mark overhears a refrigerator delivery man lamenting the easy life musicians lead.
Young Billy and his friends are unfairly blamed for burning down the school.
Upon getting his license, Sam finds the federally mandated speed limit too harsh.
Kelly finds she wins more at Scrabble after she loses the letter U.
Roland and Curt are disappointed to learn they aren't the first to plan for world domination.
Four guys from England consider a possible loophole in the Bible's teachings on the path to salvation.
A stay at a west coast inn goes horribly wrong for five guys from LA.
Michael's friends tease him about a strange infatuation with a former female tennis star.
Inspirational EventSongArtist
A formerly known artist dreams the angels spill red and blue food coloring in the clouds.
Young Aretha wins the school spelling bee and earns the admiration of her peers.
While touring a winery, Marvin hears some really good gossip.
The lights go out in the middle of Bruce's senior prom.
The soap runs out in Kurt's high school locker room after an exciting pep rally.
Motown bandleader dreams his father toured with Mick Jagger.
Paul and Art ponder the question of a tree falling in the woods with no one around to hear it.
Young Elton finally overcomes his obsession with The Wizard of Oz.
Inspirational EventSongArtist
Don becomes reflective when he learns that most desserts these days are imported.
Four boys from Athens, Georgia, question their faith, and don't like the answers.
John and his three buddies from England find themselves in desperate circumstances.
Roger, David, Nick and Richard drop out of school and take on tedious masonry jobs.
A couple of honest brothers fall for Melody after she's freed from the shackles of prison.
The Wilson boys and their friends find love on the beach after a small earthquake.
A disheartened Bono is frustrated after an unproductive trip to the local Walmart.

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