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Can you name the National Treasure Trivia from movies 1 and 2?

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Who does Nicolas Cage Play?
What does Ben steal in movie 1?
Who was Silence Dogood?
What time was it where Ben found the glasses?
What was the name on the back of the Declaration of Independence?
What church did Ben's dad tell Ian to throw him off the trail?
What is the name of National Treasure 2?
Where did Ben kidnap the president?
What was the City of Gold called?
What national monument hid the City of Gold?
Where was the President's Book kept?
Who was the City of Gold named after?
What was the name of the ship where the pipe was found?
What does the back of the Declaration say the first time Ben looks at it?
How many days after the Civil War does Book of Secrets begin?
In Book of Secrets, who else was looking for the treasure?
What bird must Ben surrender his hand to?
In what building did they find the first missing plank?
What monument did Ben and Riley find a clue on in France?
What does John Wilkes Booth yell after shooting Lincoln?

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