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QUIZ: Can you name the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time according to Rolling Stone magazine?

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1The Fab Four
2Legendary singer/songwriter
3The King
4Often called the 'Anti-Beatles'
5Proclaimed inventor of Rock n' Roll
6Revolutionary guitar god
7Godfather of soul
8American Rock & Roll singer/pianist
9Queen of soul - First woman inducted in Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
10American R&B singer/pianist
11Jamaican reggae singer
12Polyharmonic surf rock
13Tragic plane crash death
14One of the first heavy metal bands
15American soul singer won 22 Grammy awards (Also blind)
16A founder of soul music
17'Father of Chicago Blues'
18'The Prince of Motown'
19American rock band, formed in 1965
20Known as the 'Originator'
21'Sittin' on the dock of the bay'
22The Joshua Tree
23Born in the USA
24'Great Balls of Fire'
25Rock & Roll pianist
26Regarded as the first punk-rock group
27Smells Like Teen Spirit
28Purple Rain
29English rock band, formed in 1964
30English punk-rock band from the 70's
31The 'Man in Black'
32American R&B group
33Country/Rock duo
34Canadian singer/songwriter. Influential in Grunge
35'King of Pop'
36'Queen of Pop'
37American singer/songwriter
38Member of #1 band on list
39aka Ziggy Stardust
40Folk/Rock duo
41American rock band, formed in Los Angeles in 1965
42'Van the Man'
43American funk band
44political Hip Hop group from Long Island, NY
45American rock group
46American singer/songwriter
47The 'Godmother of Punk'
48Biggest hip hop act of the 80's
49English singer/pianist
50Canadian rock band, backed Bob Dylan
51Blues singer
52Southern rock band
53English blues-rock guitarist
54Numerous Grammys for rapping and producing
55American rock band with cult-like following
56African/American soul band
57American hard rock band
58One of the most prolific punk bands
59Jazz musician
60Canadian singer/songwriter
61American singer and entertainer
62American R&B singer, sang 'At Last'
63A music producer, invented 'Wall of Sound'
64English rock group
65American gospel singer
66'60's British rock band. Considered first 'supergroup'
67American R&B vocal group
68R&B singer
69'The King of Rockabilly'
70Sold over 50 million albums world-wide
71American composer
72Australian rock band
73English alt rock band formed in 1985
74Country singing legend
75Greatest hits album was 2nd greatest selling album of all time
76Girl group of the '60's
77Jewish hip hop group
78Highly influential punk rock group
79American R&B quartet
80English singer/songwriter
81American R&B vocal group
82American rapper, record producer, songwriter, and actor
83Gangsta rap group from the 80's
84American singer/songwriter
85One of the first heavy metal bands along with #14
86Rap artist. First to have an album go #1 while in jail
87Country singer. Died at age 26
88Jazz trumpet player
89English rock group. Introduced us to Clapton, Page, and Beck
90Solo guitar player
91American singer with over 50 Hot 100 hits
92'Appetite for Destruction'
93Instrumental soul band. One of the first inter-racial groups
94American industrial rock band founded in 1988.
95American southern rock band
96Female R&B group
97Popular female singing group of the 60's
98English rock group from the 70's
99American soul singer
100Influential figure in Reggae music

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