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What was the first computer club that took place at Stanford
What was the model of the first computer
What sports team does Paul Allen own
What kind of device is PDP8
What devices did Intel pay attention to over computer
What city was Microsoft created in
Who was the first mass marketing computer company
What was the first electronic spredsheet
What Company is nicknamed Big Blue
How much was VisiCalc in USD
Is Lotus 123 a killer app
What was the name of IBM's OS
What is the term of a college student who went to work at Microsoft
1,0 are the two numbers in what type of code
What is Steve Wozinck a co-founder of
Where do we meet Edwin Chin
Gordon Moore is a co-founer of what company
Where was the Pc Expo held
Floridian is the code name of a project for what company
Who was the first company to have WYSIWYG
What company wrote CPM
IBM headquaters is here
Where was Apple started
Jack Sams worked for what company
What does IBM stand for

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