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It would not give me pleasure for you to give me your digits, and I would not like to provide you with mine either.TLC
You behave in a manner consistent with an ignited flame, the person for whom I possess a singular attraction.Backstreet Boys
She subscribes to irrational beliefs, black-haired felines and representational figures.Ricky Martin
It is my desire that existence is favorable to you, and it is my wish that your night-visions come to fruition.Whitney Houston
My only desire is to partake in good times, and I am under the impression that I am not the only human to desire this state.Sheryl Crow
I am stationed at the nook between two walls; the lighting is centered on me, misplacing my faith.R.E.M.
I am under the impression that I have repeated my actions; I prompted you to think that we had surpassed a level of friendly relations.Britney Spears
I do not engage in the indigenous Cuban rituals, I do not possess spherical glass with which to see the future.Sublime
The two of us originate from separate planets. You enjoy chuckling when I view females other than yourself. Hootie and the Blowfish
For it is possible that it is you who will rescue my life.Oasis
Since she has come back from her time on Earth's satellite, she hears like the season of blooming and converses as if she were the sixth month.Train
I am a granter of wishes in a container, infant. You are compelled to touch me in the proper manner, bee productChristina Aguilera
Close proximity, great distances away, whatever your location may be, it is my conviction that the cardiac organ never ceases Celine Dion
So you're profession is building space-worthy vehicles, this fact does not inspire awe in my being a lotShania Twain
Halt at this time, much appreciation. I require a being with a homo sapien caressSpice Girls

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