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Main function of arterioles
Main function of Capillaries
Main function of Veins
Organs receive oxygenated blood in
Why is this an advantage
2 examples of a serioes arrangement of blood vessels in the body:
3 examples of a serioes arrangement of blood vessels in the body:
Which 5 organs receive the largest volumes of oxygenated blood from the heart:
Which BVs containst the greatest cross secetion area
Greatest Internal Diameter
Least CSA
Least internal diameter
Across which vascular segment is the resistance the greatest?
Greater flow rate: aorta or capillaries?
Flow(Q) =
What is the equation to calculate CO
The pressure of a cavity is dependent upon which two properties?
How is resistance affected by the radius of a conduit?
When a person movew quickly from lying to standing which of the following decreases without compensation: venous return, CO, arterial pressure?
If the aorta loses elasticity/distensability:what happens to systolic pressure?
If the aorta loses elasticity/distensability:If the aorta loses elasticity/distensability:what happens to diastolic pressure?
If the aorta loses elasticity/distensability:what happens to pulse pressure?
If the aorta loses elasticity/distensability:what happens to flow?
When is this scenario commonly seen?
When do veins and arteries have a similar distensibility?
What impact does a widened pulse pressure have on MAP?
Aorta Systole
Aorta Diastole
LV Systole
LV Diastole
What is peasured clinically to guage the distensibility of the aorta?
Define Tension
Why don't capillaries rupture in 30 mmHg pressure system?
What causes rupture?
Mediators released by endothelium to mitigate shear forces produced by turbulent blood flow?
How can you calculate the net movement of fluid in or out of a cpillary?
Malnutriton affects:
CHF affects:
Hepatic Cirrhosis:
What are the two mechanisms by which increaseing oxygen demands can be met?
What is released in to vascular environment to release 02 from Hb?
Which Ca2 channels open in response to membrane depolarization?
What happens when myosin light chain kinase is phosphorylated?
MLC interacts with?
Results in:
How does NO prevent vasoconstriction?
Charge at which an ion stops diffusing across a membrane
Outward driving force
Inward force
Fast AP
Slow AP
Phase 0
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4
Hemophilia A
EACA(binds lys on, inhibits)
Bernard Soulier Syndrome

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