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Most common causes of schistocytes on the PBS?
Most common cause of normocytic anemia?
Most common cause of macrocytic anemia?
Most common causes of microcytic anemia?
What is polycythemia? What is the differential?
What are the causes of thrombocytosis?
What is the classic triad and pentad of HUS and TTP, respectiely?
What is the pathogenesis of TTP/HUS?
Treatment for HUS
Microcytic + Target Cells =
Normocytic + Target Cells =
Macrocytic + Target Cells =
Most common cause of Echinocytes(burr cells) on PBS?
Normal Serum Fe, Normal TIBC, Increased BM Fe
Bright red skin + Hb of 20 =
Long-term effects of B12 deficiency
What structure is affected from this disease?
What helminth can cause this disease?
Bone marrow expansion is seen with:
Which type of cancer are patients w/ pernicious anemia at increased risk for?
What is the CP of ALL?
Most common childhood cancer?
Loss of 3 alpha genes?
Loss of 4 alpha genes?
Causes of coarse basophilic stippling? (TAIL)
DIC(Increased, Increased, Increased, Decreased)
Increased HbF
Increased HbA2
Primary poycythemia rubra vera(Increased, Decreased, Mutation)
Decreased Serum Fe, Decreased TIBC, Increased BM Fe
Secondary polycythemia rubra vera(Increased, Increased)
Reactive/relative polycythemia
Neutropenia(#, susceptible...)
Neutrophilia(#, caused by)
Lymphocytosis(#, caused by)
Eosinophilia(#, caused by...)
Monocytosis(#, caused by...)
Basophilia(#, disease caused)
Dohle Bodies(toxic granules in PMNs)
Bad DNA repair mechanism -> congenital abnormalities(no thumb/radii)
Reactive Lymphocytes
< 15 yo
15 - 40
40 - 60
> 60
Myeloperoxidase stain for:
Terminal deoxynucleotide transferase (Tdt) stain for:
CD 1-8
CD 19-23
Massive Splenomegaly
Leukocytosis from stress/infection
t(11;14):Cyclin D1
Treatment of AML M3(Vitamin A)
AML M5 major symptom
Ringed sideroblasts(what, where, stain)
JAK2 mutation
Burkitts lymphoma genes
Primary myelofibrosis symptoms
Hairy Cell Leukemia (HCL) symptoms(OPS)
Multiple Myeloma symptoms
Decreased Serum Fe, Increased TIBC, No BM Fe
Bence-Jones proteinuria(Most to least)
Multiple Myeloma PBS
Free Ig light chain deposited in tissue
Lymphoma in teens/20s
Most common form of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
Starry sky node pattern(dx, stars, sky)
Floret lymphocytes
Pautrier micro-abscesses
Reed-Sternberg Cells
Bone marrow Tdt(+) in kids
Increased Serum Fe, Decreased TIBC, Increased BM Fe
CD15 and CD30
Anisocytosis(Thal minor) = different
Poikilocytosis(Thal minor) = different
Howell-Jolly bodies
Pappenheimer bodies(lysosome)
Heinz bodies(what, caused by...)
Hypersegmented neutrophils
Pernicious Anemia
Iron deficiency until proven otherwise
Iron deficiency anemia(Decreased, Increased)
Pure red cell aplasia
Hereditary spherocytosis defect in:
PNH Presents as:
G6PD cells on PBS
Sickle cell mutation
Multiple Myeloma top 2 causes of death

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