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Hemophilia(most common, inheritance)
Hemophilia Abnormal Lab tests
Hemophilia Normal Lab tests
Von Willebrand Disease bleeding into:
Von Willebrand Factor produced in:
Drug causing release of von Willebrand factor?
Von Willebrand action
Von Willebrand disease inheritance:
Bleeding starts when you cut skin
Bleeding starts after some time passes(dysfunction, who)
VWD Abnormal Lab tests
VWD Normal Lab tests
VWD therapy
Vitamin K Deficiency caused by
Vitamin K need for the production of Factors:
Vitamin K need for production of modulator(natural anticoagulants) proteins:
Vitamin K deficiency prolonged lab tests:
Half life 4 - 7 hrs
Factor II half life
Acquired thrombohemorrhagic disorder
Disease due to excessive amounts of:
Stages of disease
Bleeding results from
Congential Storage Pool Diseases
Platelet Receptor Disorder: Glanzmann's Thrombasthenia
Platelet Receptor Disorders: Bernard Soulier Syndrome
Most common cause of acquired qualitative platelet disorder
Consumptive Thrombocytopenia Mechanisms
Clinical Clues for consumptive thrombocytopenia
Clinical Clues for reduce production thrombocytopenia
Adult Immune Consumptive Thrombocytopenia
Child Immune Consumptive Thrombocytopenia
Virchow's Triad: Change in:
Hypercoagulable States
Essential component for arterial thombogenesis:
Essential components for venous thrombosis:
Antithrombin regulates
Antithrombin Inheritance
AT deficiency Type I
AT deficiency Type II
Activated protein C inhibits factors
Protein C activated by
Protein C activated by(2000x faster)
Most common cause of inherited hypercoagulabitily of blood
Accounts for 85% of patients with the disease
Pathogenesis of disease
Protein C & S deficiency inheritance
Acute thrombotic venous thrombosis with long aPTT

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