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What band was playing on stage when candidate Matthew Santos arrived to announce that Leo McGarry had just died?
At what airport did candidate Josiah Bartlet meet Josh Lyman after he received news of his father's death?
What was the deciding state in the Vinick-Santos election?
What breed was President Walken's dog, Bess?
What rocker joined the Santos campaign for several stops on its bus tour?
What object was thrown through the Bartlet campaign's New Hampshire office's front window ... from the inside?
In which state did Supreme Court nominee Justice Mendoza get (falsely) arrested for drunk driving?
Glenn Close guest-starred as the nations first female what?
What was the name of the man who was serving out the remainder of his late wife's congressional term, representing Ohio?
What sports implement did White House Counsel Lionel Tribbey like to threaten people with?
What does Amy Gardner toss at Josh Lyman from the balcony of her office?
What prominent Las Vegas act performed at one of Zoey Bartlet's White House birthday parties?
Who was the maker of the Bartlet family carving knife that President Bartlet presented to Charlie Young?
QuestionAnswerBonus Trivia!
Senator Stackhouse continued his filibuster by reading from what type of book?
Where does Leo McGarry suffer his first heart attack?
Who helped President Bartlet practice his pitching in an upstairs hallway of the White House (first names only)?
What is 'Leo' short for?
Season 7 begins with a flash-forward to the dedication of what?
For Halloween, Toby's twins are dressed -- much to his dismay -- in what baseball team's uniform?
Whose Secret Service code name is 'Bookbag'?
What fashion designer's dress did C.J. Cregg try on during a mall shopping trip with her niece (and Secret Service escort, Simon Donovan)?
First Lady Abbey Bartlet secretly administered doses of what drug to her husband to counteract his multiple sclerosis?
Which character suffered a pulmonary embolism and underwent life-threatening surgery at the end of Season 5?
The shooters targeting Charlie Young at the end of Season 1 were members of what white supremacist group?
Whom does President Bartlet refer to as 'a feckless thug'?

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