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Who created The West Wing (and served as producer for the first four seasons)?
What was the last spoken word in the series?
What were the names of Toby Ziegler's twins?
Which cast member won the most Emmy awards (4) for their work on The West Wing?
What is the name of the fictional nuclear generating station that experiences a near melt-down in Season 7?
What was the convincing 3-word slogan that Leo shared with Governor Bartlet on a cocktail napkin?
Which character was originally intended by the series creators to be the primary character?
President Matthew Santos was mayor of what city earlier in his political career?
What were the names of the three sitting presidents featured on The West Wing? (last names only)
What was the official White House designation of the subterranean office assigned to Republican Associate White House Counsel Ainsley Hayes?
What is C.J. Cregg's Secret Service code name?
Whose weekly Alcoholics Anonymous meeting did Leo eventually join?
What is the name of the fictional New Hampshire town that traditionally casts the first votes of the national election?
What is the name of Great Britain's flamboyant Ambassador to the United States (common name/title only)?
What song does C.J. infamously lip-synch, much to the delight of her colleagues?
What punctuation mark in the U.S. Constitution garners much scrutiny by Toby Ziegler in Season 7?
What Cabinet position had Leo held in a previous administration?
What was the name of the fictional political talk show often featured in the series?
Which newspaper does Danny Concannon work for?
Which U.S. president was the historical initiator of Leo's annual 'Big Block of Cheese' observance?
What was the name of C.J.'s pet goldfish?
President Bartlet received his Nobel prize in what discipline?

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