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Can you name the Name of Dynasty Warriors characters from their Quotes

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'I'd rather betray the whole world than have the world betray me' - Romance of the 3 Kingdoms
'The last twinkle of a dying flame, is beautiful. Shall he die beautifully?' - DW3
'Tremble before the God of War!' - DW8
'Did you really think you could defeat me with such infantile tricks? Imbeciles!' - Warriors Orochi 2
'Cao Cao may have his Zhang Liao, but I can match him with my friend Gan Ning.' - Romance of the 3 Kingdoms
'Essence of my father, blood of my mother, I cannot throw this away!' - Romance of the 3 Kingdoms
''I simply wish to create a kingdom where its people can live happily and peacefully' - Dynasty Warriors Next
'My Lord, you have just escaped from the tiger's jaws and had not far to go. Morover, I suspect Zhuge Liang has something prepared for us'. Romance of the 3 Kingdoms
'Cao Cao's army though massive , is but rabble, there is no need to fear. We shall conjure a southern wind' - DW3
'Can anybody provide me with a decent challenge' -DW8
'Fear the tiger of Jiang Dong' - DW5: Empires
'Cao Cao, I shall assist you. I have no forgotten the days we spent together as friends.' - DW7
'Lu Bu! Have you forgotten all I've done for you? You shall pay for your treachery!' - DW6
'Lu Xun, I have faith in you. Unite this land, under the name of Wu!' - DW5
'Goooo! Ye Children of the Yellow Turban' - DW3
'Me... True Warrior... Three Kingdoms...' -DW5
'One day I shall lead Wu to unite this Chaotic land!' - DW8
'Pfft! Three Kingdoms? Who needs 'em' - DW5
'A warrior must fulfill his duty, with no fear of death. That is why I keep this reminder of death close to me' - DW8
'I've got no grand name to impress the likes of you' - DW8
'O God, since thou made Zhou Yu, why did thou also create Zhuge Liang' - Romance of the 3 Kingdoms
'That's why they call you the God of War, isn't it, Father! Pushing back the enemy lines all by yourself!' -DW7
'That is one more stepping stone on my path to true might' - DW8

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