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While introducing Ryan around the office, Michael calls Darryl by what nickname?
Which form of transportation does Jim start taking to work at Stamford which leaves him sweaty?
Josh, the branch manager of Stamford, accepts another job with what company?
Who buys Pam's painting from her art show?
Who does Michael find after being kicked out of Phyllis' wedding?
What sport to the branches play at the company picnic?
What is the name of the adult arcade that the office goes to after work?
What does Jim give Phyllis more money for in order to buy for Toby's going away party?
How is Dwight's name misspelled in the script of Michael's movie?
After shooting a gun in the office, Jim tells Dwight to do what with his hands whenver Jim coughs?
Pam's art school summer project is a digital picture of who?
What name does Michael give to the structure he wants to build around the office for hamsters?
Which sitcom board game does Kevin sell at the yard sale?
Which client receives the 'Willy Wonka' discounts?
When he 'cooks his foot,' what does Michael ask Ryan to get him from the KFC in Carbondale?
Ryan finds wrappers from what sandwich in Michael's car?
What does Ryan set on fire in the kitchen?
Which one day of the year does Meredith say 'no kids'
What holiday does Michael say he will visit Jo in Tallahassee?
After buying the building, what business does Dwight tell Jim & Pam is opening?
What does Michael contact his former lovers and tell thim that he has?
Gabe has a party and invites everyone from the office to his aparment to watch what show?
The husband of Michael's ex-girlfriend Donna coaches what sport?
What establishment does Dwight tell his coworkers to boycott?
What does Dwight drive to New York to buy so his coworkers can 'owe him one?'
What do Jim's brothers Pete and Tom ask Michael for at Jim & Pam's wedding?
What does Phyllis offer at the Crime Aid Auction?
Which region does DeAngelo Vickers love?
What drink does Michael buy to offer a toast to Gabe? 'The sweet nectar of Gabe's homeland'
What event does Dwight stage which leads to Stanley's heart attack?
How many pushups does Michael complete, according to Dwight?
What device in the warehouse does Michael desperately want to use?
What genre of music does Michael compare basketball to?
What does Michael choke on the chocolate powder from when he's calling David Wallace?
What do Michael and Andy make when Michael is trying to spy on Jim and David's meeting in the conference room?
What is the name of the event which Dwight constructs in the parking lot when Angela meets the Senator?
What kind of car does Michael get taken to New York in for the corporate meeting?
What does Oscar say Dunder Mifflin's stock symbol (DMI) stands for?
Where does Pam get a job working in New York?
Who do Creed, Dwight and Kevin all dress up as on the same day for Halloween?
What musician does Michael hire for his classy Christmas party?
Who is Jim's favorite football team?
What drink is there not enough of at the reception after Cici's baptism?
What secret does Pam's grandmother not know before the wedding?
What gift does Michael make and give to Helene at her birthday lunch?
Andy and Dwight are convinced the insurance salesman is a member of what?
Where does Oscar go with his time off after admitting that he's gay?
What gift does Michael get for Jo before she leaves to go back to Florida?
What is on the front page of the newspaper on the actual day that Jim and Pam's baby is born?
What is the musical which Andy is in?
What does Stanley dream of purchasing?
The perfume that Bob Vance bought for Phyllis in metropolitan Orlando is made from what?
What does Pam see in Jim's bedroom which he includes as part of a gift inside the tea kettle?
What profession does Stanley's wife, Teri, have?
What is the name of the woman who Stanley cheats on his wife with?
What does Jim cover Dwight's desk and chair with as a prank?
Before entering Prince Family Paper, Dwight and Michael say that they are which type of animal?
Michael makes C-shaped bagels to honor the arrival of who?
When Dwight and Toby go to spy on Darryl's house, what is Darryl's sister carrying?
Jo tells Andy that her dogs, 'like a good...' what?
What other character dresses up as Santa and makes Michael mad?
Michael gets in trouble with corporate after impersonating which comedian?
Pam fakes her way into being promoted to what position?
What food does Gabe make at his party?
What is the name of the song played at Jim and Pam's wedding as a joke?
What sport does Jim play with David Wallace at David's house party?
What instrument does David Wallace's son play?
Where does Michael find David Wallace after driving to New York to talk to him when Charles Miner is hired?
Who files a complaint about Pam planning her wedding in the office?
Who does Pam think filed the complaint?
What is the name of the shoe store that Michael talks about opening?
At the Michael Scott Paper Company, Ryan, Pam and Michael have competitions to see who can fit the most of what food in their mouth?
The van purchased by the Michael Scott Paper Company has the characters of which language on the side of it?
In the Cafe Disco, Michael tells people to respect what? Hint: it's hanging on the wall
Kelly gives Jim and Dwight bad customer reviews after they didn't go to her party for what show?

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