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Can you match the Gears of War Character from a given quote?

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How to PlayForced Order
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Can't stop this!
Let's go! Who's up next?
Eat the gun!
Oh the spatter factor!
Who wants toast?**
Now who's expendable?
I like mine well done!
They gotta stop handing us toys to play with!
So hot!
Uh oh!
Something's wrong with this thing! It keeps jamming!*
Come on, sucker!
It's got my name written all over it!
I see you chilling, I'm about to heat you up!
Oh look at that sucker go!
How do you like that then?
This'll cut grubs!
Going deep for the long bomb, baby!
Fan bloody tastic
Uh huh, come on!
Your mom's a classy lady!
Boom! There you go!
Just my bloody luck!

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