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Can you name the main characters from the Law & Order franchise?

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George DzundzaL&O (Season 1)
Chris NothL&O (Season 1-5), L&O: CI (Season 5-7)
Dann FlorekL&O (Season 1-3), L&O: SVU (Season 1-present)
Michael MoriartyL&O (Season 1-4)
Richard BrooksL&O (Season 1-3)
Steven HillL&O (Season 1-10)
Paul SorvinoL&O (Season 2-3)
Carolyn McCormickL&O (Season 2-4)
Jerry OrbachL&O (Season 3-14), L&O: TBJ
S. Epatha MerkersonL&O (Season 4-present)
Jill HennessyL&O (Season 4-6)
Sam WaterstonL&O (Season 5-present)
Benjamin BrattL&O (Season 6-9)
Carey LowellL&O (Season 7-8)
Angie HarmonL&O (Season 9-11)
Jesse L. MartinL&O (Season 10-18)
Dianne WiestL&O (Season 11-12)
Elisabeth RohmL&O (Season 12-14)
Fred Dalton ThompsonL&O (Season 13-17); L&O: TBJ
Michael ImperioliL&O (Season 15)
Annie ParisseL&O (Season 15-16)
Milena GovichL&O (Season 17)
Alana De la GarzaL&O (Season 17-present)
Jeremy SistoL&O (Season 18-present)
Linus RoacheL&O (Season 18-present)
Anthony AndersonL&O (Season 18-present)
Christopher MeloniL&O: SVU (Season 1-present)
Mariska HargitayL&O: SVU (Season 1-present)
Richard BelzerL&O: SVU (Season 1-present)
Michelle HurdL&O: SVU (Season 1)
Ice-TL&O: SVU (Season 2-present)
B.D. WongL&O: SVU (Season 2-present)
Tamara TunieL&O: SVU (Season 2-present)
Stephanie MarchL&O: SVU (Season 2-4; present)
Diane NealL&O: SVU (Season 5-9)
Connie NielsenL&O: SVU (Season 8)
Adam BeachL&O: SVU (Season 9)
Michaela McManusL&O: SVU (Season 10)
Vincent D'OnofrioL&O: CI (Season 1-present)
Kathryn ErbeL&O: CI (Season 1-present)
Jamey SheridanL&O: CI (Season 1-5)
Courtney B. VanceL&O: CI (Season 1-5)
Eric BogosianL&O: CI (Season 6-present)
Julianne NicholsonL&O: CI (Season 6-8)
Alicia WittL&O: CI (Season 7)
Jeff GoldblumL&O: CI (Season 8-present)
Bebe NeuwirthL&O: TBJ
Amy CarlsonL&O: TBJ
Kirk AcevedoL&O: TBJ
Scott CohenL&O: TBJ

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