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Can you name the Greek and Roman mythological characters that appear on stage in a Shakespeare play?

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Troilus and CressidaGreek hero
Troilus and CressidaTrojan leader
Troilus and CressidaGreek leader
Troilus and CressidaGreek leader
Troilus and CressidaWife of Hector
Troilus and CressidaProphetess
The TempestRoman goddess
Troilus and CressidaDaughter of Calchas
Timon of AthensReads the Prologue
Troilus and CressidaBrother of Hector and Troilus
Pericles, Prince of TyreRoman goddess
Troilus and CressidaGreek leader
A Midsummer Night's DreamKing of Athens
Troilus and CressidaSon of Priam
Troilus and CressidaWife of Menelaus
Troilus and CressidaBrother of Hector and Troilus
A Midsummer Night's DreamQueen of the Amazons
The Two Noble KinsmenQueen of the Amazons
As You Like ItGreek god
The Two Noble KinsmenGreek god
The TempestGreek goddess
The TempestRoman goddess
CymbelineRoman God
Troilus and CressidaKing of Sparta
Troilus and CressidaGroup of warriors
Troilus and CressidaElderly Greek leader
The TempestDivine nature spirits
The Two Noble KinsmenDivine nature spirits
Troilus and CressidaTrojan warrior
Troilus and CressidaPrince of Troy
Troilus and CressidaComrade of Achilles
Two Noble KinsmenFriend of Theseus
Troilus and CressidaKing of Troy
A Midsummer Night's DreamKing of Athens
The Two Noble KinsmenKing of Athens
Troilus and CressidaYoung Trojan Prince
Troilus and CressidaGreek leader

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