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Forced Order
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A blue bird perched on top of an old-style football
A red rose surrounded by the team name
A small tower below two laurel wreaths
A cannon
A yellow bird perched on a ball with a small lion/castle feature above the bird's left shoulder
An owl, similar to the logo of OVO
A silhouetted head, heading a ball
A fox's head in front of a white flower
Two seahorses each side of a striped shield
The badge's design going from top to bottom: a ball with a halo, a scarf, a tree, water and a white flower
The outline of a tree above some squiggly lines
The initial's of the club shaped into a circle above a red rose
Two workmen (a miner and a glass blower) stood either side of the towns coat of arms
A giant fist, holding an iron H-bar
A viking facing left and holding a sword over his shoulder behind a simple shield containing a white rose
A two headed black bird on a white background, each wing of the bird containing a small yellow design different from the other

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