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Can you identify the RATM song by the lyrics repeatedly screamed at the end?

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Forced Order
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Lyric (Repetitions)Song
Burn, burn, yes ya gonna burn (8)
Just a quiet peaceful dance (4)
All hell can't stop us now (6)
@#$% you, I won't do what you tell me (16)
All of which are American dreams (8)
To tear away at the mask (4)
A fire in the master's house is set (4)
Just stare (4)
Send 'em to tha seventh level (4)
Interested in you (around 20)
We're already dead (3)
Why stand on a silent platform? Fight the war, @#$% the norm (4)
Fear is your, fear is your, fear is your only God (4)
But we in with the wind below (3)
You say fortify, reaction, you divide (4)
[Now it's upon] You (9)

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