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A teenage girl falls in love with a mysterious boy who turns out to be a sparkling vampire.
A group of teenagers is tasked with ridding the world of a deadly disease.
A man spends the afternoon telling strangers the fantastic stories of his life.
A young boy is introduced into a world of magic and must save everyone from a dark lord.
A little person must find and destroy an evil artifact to save the world from a dark lord.
A boy realizes greek mythology is real and must go on a quest to prove his father is innocent.
A school-aged girl struggles through the challenges of high school.
A young abandoned girl finds solace and healing through horticulture and friendship.
Twins separated at a young age find themselves united together on a quest to stop an evil Egyptian God.
A young girl fights against a tyrannical government by killing her peers.
Two teenage boys are unable to take care of their younger sister, so they need to hire outside help.
A god is cast out from Olympus and must earn his way back.
A young orphaned boy and his friends become caught up in a murder investigation.
A group of teenagers find themselves in an unlikely situation and must try to save the world from a giant.

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