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DefinitionAcademic Vocabulary Word
To make a drawing of something OR to give clear examples of something that you are describing
To separate something into its parts and then to describe the meaning of those parts
To talk about something with others in great detail, explaining completely what you know about the subject or topic
To show how something is true by giving evidence, such as facts or details that support your opinion
To make a guess of what might happen or take place in the future
To judge something; to give your opinion about something while telling how you came up with your ideas
To draw a picture of something and then to label the parts of the picture
To tell how you feel about something or what you think the meaning is, using facts or details to back up your opinion
To tell how two things are alike or similar
DefinitionAcademic Vocabulary Word
To write or talk about something so well that another person can see in his or her mind what you are talking about
To verbally tell or to write how you feel or what you believe about something
To explain the meaning of a word or idea
To talk or write about something so that someone else can understand the subject more clearly
To give only the main ideas of a topic or piece of writing or plan as a list
To join or relate one thing to another
To tell how two things are different
To tell only the most important points about something you have read or heard

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