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Spongebob's Pet Snail
Flying Ghost Of Bikini Bottom
Mr Krab's Mother
Finish this statement. 'I'm Ugly and I'm...'
What does Patrick lose when Spongebob interrupts his dream?
In the Episode, 'Clams', what is the name of Mr Krabs Boat?
What do Plankton's cousins ask for when they attack the Krusty Krab
What is the name of illustration that Spongebob makes with his magical pencil?
What does Spongebob throw at the Giant Clam
Head of the Jelly Spotters
Plankton's Wife
Boss of the Krusty Krab
Muscular Lobster
Spongebob's Cousin Released from Jail
Color of the First Bought Pretty Patty?
Tries Stealing the Secret Formula
Lives under a rock
Mermaid Man's Arch Nemesis
What is the new name of the Krusty Krab when Pearl takes over?
Name of Plankton's Restaurant?
ONE of Spongebob's Favorite Heroes
Squidward's Enemy
In the Theme Song, how many times does it say 'Spongebob Squarepants'
Squirrel From Texas
First ever episode's title?
Patrick is what type of animal?
Lives in a pineapple
Song that Plankton & Spongebob Sing?
Fish who Says, 'You forgot the pickles!'
Floating Enemy of Mermaid Man
What friend does Spongebob make out of Bubbles?
Mermaid Man's Sidekick
Driving Teacher for Spongebob
Plays the Clarinet
What is Plankton's Real Name?
Color of the Krusty Krab Floor?

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