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Can you name every 2014 Holiday or Observance in the US?

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DateHoliday/ObservenceHoliday Type
January 1National holiday
January 6Christian
January 7Orthodox
January 13Observance
January 14Muslim
January 14Orthodox
January 16Jewish holiday
January 17State holiday-VA
January 19State holiday-FL
January 19State holiday-TX
January 20National holiday
January 20State holiday-AL, AR, MS
January 20State holiday-ID
January 20State holiday-AZ, NH
January 29Observence
January 31Observance
February 1Observance
February 2Observance
February 4Local Observance-CA, OH
February 7Observance
February 12State holiday-CT, IL, MO, NJ, NY
February 14Observance
February 15State holiday-FL
February 17National holiday
February 17State holiday-AR
March 1Observance
March 2State holiday-TX
March 3State holiday-IL
March 3Observance
March 4State holiday-LA, AL
March 4State holiday-VT
March 5Christian
March 9Clock change/Daylight Saving Time
March16Jewish holiday
March 17Observance
March 17State holiday-MA
March 20Season
March 25State holiday-MD
March 26State holiday-HI
March 31State holiday-AK
March 31State holiday-CA, CO, TX
April 2State holiday-FL
April 6Observance
April 13Christian
April 13Observance
April 15Jewish holiday
April 15Observance
April 15Local Observance-HI
April 15Observance
April 16State holiday-DC
April 17Christian
April 18Orthodox
April 18Christian
April 19Christian
April 19Orthodox
April 20Orthodox
April 20Christian
April 21Orthodox
April 21Christian
April 21State holiday-MA, ME
April 21State holiday-TX
April 22Jewish holiday
DateHoliday/ObservenceHoliday Type
April 22Local Observance-OK
April 23Observance
April 25State holiday-NE
April 28Jewish holiday
April 28State holiday-AL, FL, GA, MI
May 1Observance
May 1Observance
May 1Observance
May 3Observance
May 4State holiday-RI
May 5Observance
May 6Jewish holiday
May 6Observance
May 6State holiday-IN
May 8State holiday-MO
May 10State holiday-NC, SC
May 11Observance
May 13State holiday-WV
May 15Observance
May 16Observance
May 17Observance
May 18Jewish holiday
May 21Observance
May 22Observance
May 22Local Observance-CA
May 25Observance
May 26National Holiday
May 26Local Observance-MI
May 27Muslim
May 29Christian
June 1State holiday-KY, TN
June 2State holiday-AL
June 3Local Observance-FL
June 4Jewish holiday
June 6Observance
June 8Christian
June 9Christian
June 11State holiday-HI
June 14Observance
June 15Christian
June 15Observance
June 17State holiday-MA
June 19Christian
June 19Local observance in many states
June 20State holiday-WV
June 21Season
June 29Muslim
July 4National holiday
July 24Muslim
July 24State holiday-UT
July 27Observance
July 29Muslim
August 1Local observance-CO
August 5Jewish holiday
August 11State holiday-RI
August 15Christian
August 15State holiday-HI
August 16State holiday-VT
August 19Observance
August 21Observance
August 27State holiday-TX
September 1National holiday
DateHoliday/ObservenceHoliday Type
September 6Observance
September 7Observance
September 9Local Observance-CA
September 11Observance
September 17Observance
September 19Observance
September 22Local Observance-OH
September 23Season
September 25Jewish holiday
September 26Local observance-CA, WA
September 28Observance
October 4Christian
October 4Jewish holiday
October 5Muslim
October 6Observance
October 9Jewish holiday
October 9Observance
October 13National holiday in most states
October 13Local Observance-SD
October 13Local Observance-CA
October 15Jewish holiday
October 15Observance
October 16Jewish holiday
October 16Observance
October 17Jewish holiday
October 18State holiday-AK
October 23Observance
October 25Muslim
October 31Observance
October 31State holiday-NV
November 1Christian
November 2Christian
November 2Clock change/Daylight Saving Time
November 4State holiday-DE, HI, IL, IN, LA, MD, MI, MT, NY,PA, RI, WV
November 6State holiday-DE
November 11National holiday
November 27National holiday
November 28State holiday-GA
November 28State holiday-NM
November 28State holiday-IN, WV
November 28State holiday in 17 states
November 28State holiday-MD
November 30Christian
December 1Observance
December 6Observance
December 7Observance
December 8Christian
December 12Observance
December 17Jewish holiday
December 17Observance
December 17Observance
December 21Season
December 24Jewish holiday
December 24State holiday-KS*, KY, MI, NC, ND, OK, SC, TX, VA*, WI
December 24Christian
December 25Christian
December 26Observance
December 26State holiday-KS, NC, NH, SC, TX, VA
December 26State holiday-IN
December 31State holiday-KY, MI, WI
December 31Observance

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