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Can you name the answers to the nickelodeon rugrats trivia questions?

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what was tommy's last name?
what was tommy's dad's occupation?
what was the green dinosaurs name the babies loved?
what planet was on chuckies shirt?
what did Phil and Lil have to switch to change identities?
what was tommy's beloved dogs name?
what character is added in the rugrats movie?(first and last name)
what was chuckies first word spoken to grown ups?
what shape appeared on the babies favorite blue and green ball?
on halloween, what candy did the babies family give out to trick or treaters that turn your tongue purple?
what was chuckies worste fear?
when visiting the car dealership, what did the babies pretend the mini-van was?
who was the 1st character to learn how to ride a bike?
What entertainment organization was Susie Carmichael's dad involved in that the babies loved?
the junk food kid stopped being a bully after tommy got what in her hair?

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