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Can you name the Shamokin Bars: Past and Present?

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Everyone deserves one of these
Cheers, in Polish
Batter's UP!
Used to have a 7 a.m. happy hour
Fire Company name after a northern state
Not on the east end
Not on the west end
Predatory Bird's Home
Type of Turtles
A 'Friendly' Fire Company
If you're drowning and need help (fire company)
George Washington and Will Smith's fire company
Ted's buddy's excellent bar
Offspring of a 'boot' shaped country
Famous for their pizza
A,B,C,D,E,F,____ Lounge
Breakfast at this Lounge
Racial Slur for Native Americans Club
Ironically, this fire company caught on fire
Tioga St. Bar
Sports bar at Brewery Curve
Fire Company located in 'Tharptown'
Irish Bar known for its fights
Anthracite Ditch, as another name
Also known as Zoggie's
______'s got a gun Cafe
Get a full tank and your tires changed here
Could be a TV show sequel
You're sure to miss this one
A type of crab
Not Bill and Ted's, but Bill and ______
Where you could get your faggots
Where you could get your oil cans
This bar was cut in half with a chainsaw
Not Wayne's World, but Wayne's ______
A rail made of this metal
Your cheeks sometimes get
Fobia and Vic Boris would Perform here
Rhymes with Jousties
Race Street's 'Chip and put'

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