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Homer's epic poem about the Trojan war, including hero Achilles' love for PatroclusIliad
The work of this poet from Lesbos was so great she was called the 'Tenth Muse.'The Poetry of Sappho
Anonymous Sumerian epic about the more-than-friendship of the King of Uruk and wild man EnkiduEpic of Gilgamesh
Hindu text about the art of living well, it includes a full section on gay sexuality.Kamasutra
About half of this sequence of poems dedicated to 'Mr W H' concern the poet's love for a handsome youth. Shakespeare's Sonnets
Christopher Marlowe's history play about this monarch doesn't shy away from his relationship with courtier Piers Gaveston.Edward II
Considered by some as the world's first novel, this book by Murasaki Shikibu includes same-sex desire in its sexual landscape.Tale of Genji
Book(s) of the Hebrew Bible where you can read about David's love for Jonathan.Books of Samuel
Euripides' play about the perils of defying the effeminate god of wine.The Bacchae
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Platonic dialogue about types of love, especially love between men.Symposium
Fantastical (?) tales of debauchery by Petronius Arbiter, based on his time at Nero's court.Satyricon
Sequence of pastoral poems by Virgil, including a sequence where shepherd Corydon pines for his love Alexis.Eclogues
The longest surviving poem from antiquity is this work by Nonnos, chronicling the adventures of god Dionysus and his many same-sex love affairs.Dionysiaca
Ihara Saikaku's sequence of stories of gay love among samurai and kabuki actors.The Great Mirror of Male Love
This 'oldest surviving cookbook' by Greco-Egyptian author Athanaeus Naucratis offers a remarkably clear glimpse into gay relationships in late Antiquity.Deipnosophistae
25th-dynasty story about a love affair between a pharoah and one of his generalsKing Neferkare and General Sasenet
This scandalous Italian dialogue appeared as a justification for libertinism and sodomy.Alcibiades the Schoolboy

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