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Forced Order
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Ban QuoteChampion
We do what we must.
Oh, I knew you was all yeller!
I'm absolutely livid.
Foolish child.
I smell fear.
Let's make tracks.
A true hunter never rests.
Your commands tire me!
Impure fools.
Ah, the sweet kiss of death.
Are you afraid?
So I go.
I will wait for you to be better.
Well, now I'm just mad.
I hear you.
I will not rest.
I'd keep my head down if I were you.
I won't be denied.
They fear me.
Yeah yeah.
We await our time.
Simple fools.
Fear is the first of many foes.
You don't have the heart for this.
Bone is a poor alternative.
I detect the presence of scum.
Seems you left your brave pants at home. Want me to wait while you go get them?
I suggest skipping.
It's just business.
To the briny deep.
The Ball is angry.
Ignorant thralls!
Hmm, tragic.
That just goes to show you're nothing but a whiskey delta!
Aw I knew you was all yella.
If I must.
Alright, I'm going.
To rest. If only I could.
An eye for an eye.
No cure for fools.
You too will be judged.
Learn from your mistakes.
I want a turn!
Ban QuoteChampion
Aw cmon, what's the worst that could happen?
Inferior constructs.
I'm on to you!
Are you certain?
It's over when I say.
Hesitation is death.
Life is too short for fear.
I reckon.
We must all make our choices.
Mm, the taste of coward.
You used to be cool.
People fear what they cannot understand.
The warrior spirit is never broken.
Poor form.
Happy to sit this one out.
The joke's on you!
As you wish.
As you wish.
Your emperor shall return.
Back to sleep then...
Weak willed fools.
All things have consequence.
You overstep.
Take a good look. It's the last you'll get.
Sniffling cubs!
It is done.
Think what I could offer.
Afraid of the dark? Wise.
Seriously? Seriously? Lame.
Your judgement is clouded. Seek clarity.
If I want your opinion, I'll beat it out of you!
Their fear is wise.
Yes sir.
I will not rest.
Not a problem.
There's no turning back.
Chaos will follow.
As you wish.
I am forsaken.
Afraid of the dark?
_____ think you a big sissy!
Ban QuoteChampion
End of the line.
What must be done.
I do not tolerate cowardice.
It's your funeral.
My genius will be understood. Eventually.
You will lose.
If I must.
Think carefully, my friend.
But all my light puns would have brightened your day...
______ out.
Fine, I'll just be over here. Sharpening my feathers.
If you insist.
Shaba nava.
Aw cmon, I won't hurt you. I promise.
No problem.
I'm going, I'm going.
Do not try my patience.
I must not fall.
Who denies my ability?
Who dares defy my will?
There's always another wave.
They disgrace the art of war.
Let me at 'em.
You're duller than a broken sandwich.
Let me get in there.
I'll come back stronger.
Happy to sit this one out.
A silent death.
Do not deny me.
I will wait for you to be better.
Play time's over.
Doubt is the greatest enemy.
Hunger never stop.
Never look back.
Now I'm angry!
I shall endure.
I smell fear.
They fear me. They should.
You reek of fear.
How befuddling!

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