LoL Champion by One-Sentence Lore Summary

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The sentient remains of a toxic spill deep in Zaun, he escaped weaponization and now protects the downtrodden of his home.
A vengeful nature spirit who fights against the powers of undeath in the Shadow Isles.
The military leader of the Trifarix of Noxus.
A powerful Noxian noble, she was terribly cursed during a trip to Shurima.
A highly intelligent yordle inventor who works out of Piltover.
For thousands of years, he has influenced Noxus from the shadows while staying alive with ancient blood magic.
Freljordian warmother of the Winter's Claw tribe, she believes strength and brutality to be the keys to survival.
An orphan who left the Rakkor after slaying its elders and being labeled a heretic.
A chaotic criminal from Zaun who despises the order and boredom of Piltover.
Now the leader of Noxus after leading a coup, he established the Trifarix and leads his empire from the front lines.
Curious but intensely shy, she wanders Ionia to discover the human world and the magic in human dreams.
Once a skilled harpooner of Bilgewater, he was betrayed by his crew but revived by supernatural gifts.
One of Piltover's finest Wardens, who uses outstanding cunning and marksmanship to thwart crime.
A legendary folk hero who wields a massive door as his shield.
She uses her unique talent to hear other people's 'songs' to perform in Piltover and Zaun to lift people's spirits.
A homicidal monstrosity who kidnaps and experiments on the citizens of Zaun, with seemingly no goal other than inflicting pain.
Exiled by his tribe as a boy, he made a partnership with another outlaw and ran heists across Runeterra.
A mad inventor of Zaun who holds deadly human experiments and supplies Noxus with chemical weapons.
A young girl who accidentally killed her father in a house fire.
A cunning demon who takes advantage of human gluttony and greed to feast on anguish.
An ancient witch, she leads the Frostguard tribe and secretly protects the Freljord from the Void.
A mute Ionian girl adopted by the Buvelle house of Demacia, she holds magic within her strange instrument.
He has mastered the forbidden techniques of shadow magic and created an order of warriors to militarize Ionia's deep magic.
Born with mortal blood entwined in hers, she was exiled by dragon-kind and found refuge in Demacia.
A beast enslaved by Noxus to fight as a gladiator.
A yordle whose mind was twisted after years of imprisonment, he now seeks to be the most evil creature in Valoran.
Once a warden of arcane secrets in the Blessed Isles, he now roams Runeterra to torment and imprison the souls of mortals.
After escaping years of imprisonment in Thresh's lantern, she now fights with her husband against the Black Mist.
Supposedly human, she protects the jungles of Kumungu by shifting into a powerful cougar.
A Shuriman tomb raider who has recently discovered she is the last descendant of the empire's royal bloodline.
A dashing adventurer who travels Runeterra for ancient artifacts.
The tenth daughter in a royal line, her audacity and ambition causes her to defy her parents and attack outsiders with her supreme talent.
Once a Demacian soldier, he was discharged and, in shame, climbed to the peak of Targon, where he was imbued by the Protector.
A fallen king who is responsible for the Ruination of the Blessed Isles millennia ago, he now controls the Black Mist in search of his long-gone wife.
A Noxian soldier revived by blood magic, he mindlessly follows orders and fights to remember his past.
An incredibly ancient demon that has recently awoken and is terrorizing the Demacian countryside.
An ancient warlord given eternal life by his followers, he is now amassing an undead army in his own realm of death.
Angered at his father for leaving him and his mother, he now runs the underground fighting rings that he once fought in to bring money home.
Crafted long ago as the plaything of a lonely prince, he now delights in murder and mayhem.
A relentless hunter of dark magics after witnessing her parents be killed.
The greatest battle dancer of the Lhotlan tribe of vastaya, he now fights in the resistance with his lover.
A devious ice troll who leads his warband to battle alongside the Frostguard.
Emigrating from Shurima to Noxus after her village was destroyed, she thrives in the Noxian military and goes on brave solo missions around the world.
One of the only survivors of the ancient kingdom of Icathia, who now searches Valoran for able warriors.
Exiled from his village for allegedly killing his own elder, he now wanders Ionia on the run.
A powerful wind spirit who protects the innocent of Zaun.
Claimed by the Void as a young girl, she has since become a deadly hunter.
A proud Solari warrior imbued by the Aspect of the Sun.
Once a cavalier of an ancient kingdom who now leads the Black Mist.
A Demacian noblewoman who defends her house's name through duels.
A Freljordian boy who searches for adventure and his lost mom with his new, big friend.
A psychotic serial killer who works as an assassin for a shadowy cabal in Ionia.
An Ascended scholar and warrior, he went into self-imposed exile after the fall of Shurima.
A prehistoric yordle trapped in True Ice for many centuries.
Used by the Black Rose as a child for her unique powers, she now travels Noxus protecting the innocent.
Once a magical garden in the Kumungu Jungle, she has now been given human form and stalks the land to grow her colony of deadly plants.
Once a vessel for an Aspect that was killed in battle, he now uses the power of the gods to stop them from meddling with mortals.
A Noxian assassin who was adopted by the Du Couteau family of blade masters.
A powerful priestess who carries the word of her god, Nagakabouros.
This demon takes advantage of the lust of mortals to feast on their pain.
A celestial being who chose to abandon her immortal form and roam Runeterra to heal the weak.
Imbued at a young age by an otherworldly Aspect, she drifts the cosmos, returning to Runeterra only in times of need.
A spirit of the Freljord who fights corruption until she is reborn.
A lich who sees the eternity of undeath as beautiful.
After dethroning the king of Bilgewater, she now fights several other powerful captains for control of the port city.
Once a criminal from Zaun, she left her gang and joined the peacekeeping forces of Piltover.
The heir to the Demacian throne, as well as an inspiring military leader.
Once a Freljordian conqueror, he now is a benevolent being who protects the forests of Ionia.
Rendered mute by a powerful herb he consumes to give him power, he works with his sister to protect the Lunari.
The Freljordian demigod of the forge and craftsmanship, who keeps to himself in his smith below a mighty volcano.
A powerful wizard who scours Runeterra to collect and stash away the World Runes.
Once an Ascended warrior, now steals mortal bodies to escape eternal imprisonment.
As the intelligencer of Clan Ferros, she works in the shadows to keep Piltover running smoothly.
A Zaunite plague rat who aims to soil the dirty lives of those above the sewers.
Betrayed by a close friend in life, she is now a haunting spirit who kills traitors across Runeterra.
Once a proud Ascended warrior, his mind was twisted and broken after thousands of years trapped in a tomb with an evil mage.
A very powerful sorceress, she killed her master after learning he was inhibiting her powers.
A cosmic vagabond that protects artifacts of great power.
A yordle once friends with the founder of Demacia, she now wields his hammer in hopes to find the true hero who deserves it.
A mighty celestial being, now enslaved by a powerful human empire.
A man born into slavery in the Shuriman empire, he maliciously ruined his best friend's Ascension to claim the power himself.
A man on a quest to find the best ale in the Freljord.
A darkin being who found new flesh within two Ionian lovers, who all now fight for control.
A mysterious Noxian sorceress and leader of the Black Rose cult.
A yordle who adores explosions above all else, he explores Zaun and practices his destructive inventions.
A Noxian assassin and daughter of General Du Couteau.
A lone assassin that abandoned the Kinkou Order to strike out on her own.
Originally from the Void, she now stalks the Shuriman desert as queen of the many Voidborn there.
Once a Noxian child-soldier who was brought in by the Order of Shadows.
A mischievous ocean dweller who is well known throughout Bilgewater.
A man who watched his clan be massacred by an ancient creature, he has since joined his tribe's survivors with the Avarosans.
A demonic creature of the spirit realm who can enter the material world through human dreams.
The only yordle member of the Kinkou Order, he patrols the spirit realm to strike down enemies with electrical energy.
Perhaps the only mortal man left on the Shadow Isles, he controls the undead spirits he despises to reverse the Ruination that destroyed his home.
Betrayed by his nation and sent to the prison mines in Zaun, he discovered a lust for strength and now melds his flesh with machine to control the criminal underworld.
The last emperor of Shurima, who was denied Ascension by his best friend.
A massive elemental creature and the last survivor of a race born to protect the otherworldly Monolith.
Once a powerful Icathian mage, he called upon ancient temporal magic to undo the destruction of his homeland.
The oldest of the Voidborn, he roams Runeterra seeking knowledge of the mortal world.
A doll magically brought to life, she uses her creator's scissors and needles to kill wraiths of the Shadow Isles and bring joy to the world.
A girl born as a mage in Demacia, she now secretly serves her country with the Illuminators.
A Noxian yordle who fights to protect his land atop his steed Skaarl.
Of the Marai, an ocean-dwelling vastyan race, she now roams the land above to find an artifact that will save her people.
As the reincarnation of a powerful Ionian spirit, she wrestles with the difficulty of keeping her people safe while maintaining peace.
A nomadic mage from Shurima who traveled across Runeterra to hone her powers.
Born to be the Freljord's next Spirit Walker, he felt shame at his master's death until he renewed his purpose by protecting Ionia from invasion.
A vastayan creature with the ability to steal human memories.
A man cruelly experimented on, he was transformed into a chimeric creature, and now hunts down the most vile throughout Zaun.
A mischievous girl from Bandle City who spent centuries in the spirit realm, lead there by a faerie named Pix.
A magical familiar looking for her lost master with a sentient book filled with portals.
Imprisoned for fifteen years due to being born as a mage, he has now escaped and leads a rebellion against Demacia.
A brilliant yet haughty inventor of Piltover who is renowned as a heroic protector.
The only of his race to awaken from a thousand year slumber, he now protects his kind from those who try to harm them.
A brilliant yordle inventor who stays in Bandle City with his junkyard creations.
Daughter of the Aspect of Justice, she was hated by her fellow Demacians for believing the guilty can be forgiven, and has gone into self-exile for many centuries.
A lonely soul who wanders Shurima searching for a friend.
A gigantic animated statue that protects Demacia when awakened by powerful magic.
Slain by his own brother, he has returned to the mortal world by defeating a demon, and now hunts other evil spirits.
The twin representations of death itself, who offer a swift release or a violent chase as the final end.
A scout of Bandle City, he enthusiastically explores the world beyond and strictly follows his code.
A dangerous outlaw who works in Bilgewater's criminal underbelly alongside a close ally who once betrayed him.
A skilled yet destructive young boy, he left his monastery to find peace before returning during the Noxian invasion.
A crazed zealot who believes the coming of the Void to be Runeterra's salvation.
A vastayan shapeshifter who seeks a new tribe after the destruction of her homeland.
Once a proud Noxian soldier, she went into self-exile during the Ionian invasion after witnessing the evils of her nation.
Transformed from man to titan by strange magics, he now stalks the ocean and destroys ships that ignore the Bilgewater tithe.
A steadfast yordle who defends the magical portals connecting Bandle City to Runeterra.
An enigmatic being who roams the Shuriman deserts to the adoration of many followers.
A Shuriman man who wields powerful magic and technology to scour the Void.
An inventor who was cast away from Piltover for his belief that humanity would benefit from replacing its mortal form with machine.
One of the greatest ranger knights of Demacia, who hunts her kingdom's enemies with her trusted eagle.
The last practitioner of the fighting style of Wuju, he searches tirelessly for disciples.
A vastayan freedom fighter who, along with her charming companion, struggles to end human mistreatment of Ionia.
A warrior of the Dauntless Vanguard and a symbol of Demacia's core ideals.
Daughter of the Aspect of Justice, she once served Demacia and its ideals of law and order, but has since disappeared for centuries.
A magical yeti who has befriended a young, innocent boy who's imagination could save the Freljord.
The dethroned king of Bilgewater who now fights to reclaim his reign.
Previously a man corrupted by the power of a World Rune, he now scours the world searching for more runes.
A haughty vastayan fighter, he now follows and learns from a wise Ionian master.
Hidden in a magical temple in the Spirit Realm, she grants her twin brother the magic to materialize weapons out of thin air.
Once a Noxian noblewoman, she now lures and feasts on young men to keep herself immortal.
Once a Noxian soldier who left the military to perform for crowds with his flair for the dramatic.
Believed to be the reincarnation of an ancient warrior, she now works to unite the several tribes of the Freljord.
A man freed from the Noxian gladiatorial pits by Demacia, he now fights at his new king's side.
A vastayan trophy hunter who abandoned his tribe to seek the strongest prey for the glory of the hunt.
A living example of the Void's destruction, who converts organic material into body growth, .
A curious Void-spawn that spits and drools toxic acid.
A young inventor from Zaun who manipulates reality and time itself.
Since the death of his father, he is the leader of the Kinkou Order and strives to keep the mortal and spirit realms in balance.
The Freljordian demigod representing war, he savagely fights with claw and lightning.
An Ionian freedom fighter who leads the resistance against Noxian occupation.
A brutal warrior for the Winter's Claw, he battles to prove wrong a prophecy that he would die peacefully at an old age.
Once the beautiful daughter of a Piltovan inventor, her body had to be replaced by robotic parts due to disease.
A Voidborn creature who hunts increasingly powerful prey to adapt over time.
A daring yordle who left Bandle City and fell in love with the flying machines of Piltover.
After his wife was trapped by an undead monster, he vowed to slay the vile creature.
A sentient robot who protects people of Zaun.
A darkin warrior trapped within his weapon, he was recently found by an overly confident young man.

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