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DescriptionFootball CodeEstimated Origin
Play is in 4 down increments on a 50-yard long field, sidelines are walls or barriers rather than drawn lines1987
11 players a side use an elliptical ball on a 100-yard long rectangular field, play is in 4 down increments1869
11 Player sides use a spherical ball on a rectangular field scoring goals by putting the ball into a net, most players may not touch the ball with hands or arms1863
12 players a side use an elliptical ball on a 110-yard long rectangular field, play is in 3 down increments1861
One of the earliest forms of football, teams of 27 score by getting the ball past opposing goal line by kicking or throwing, game allows head-butting & choking1580
Collection of games based on a more popular form of football, typically played indoors scoring goals with a spherical ball, most players may not use hands or armsVaries
Sides field 18 players each on an elliptical field, points scored by passing the ball through opponent's goal1859
15 players a side play on a rectangular field, goals scored when the ball passes under the H-shaped goal's crossbar, points scored when passing over it1886
15 player sides use an elliptical ball on a rectangular field, scoring includes tries, penalty kicks, and drop goals1845
13 player sides use an elliptical ball on a rectangular field and score tries, goals, and field goals (or drop goals)1895
Hybrid of football games popular in the British Isles and Oceania, international tournaments and matches are played but no dedicated clubs exist1967

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